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What is a commencement

speechorcommencement addressor
graduation speech is a speech given
tograduatingstudents. A commencement
speech is typically given by a notable figure in
the community, during thecommencement
exercise. The person giving such a speech is
known as acommencement speaker. Very
commonly, colleges or universities will invite
politicians, important citizens, or other noted
speakers to come and address the graduating

What is a commencement speech?

A commencement speech is a speech

delivered at the commencement
ceremony of a higher education
institution by a graduate, an alumnus, a
celebrity or a politician to the
graduating class, their families and
guests. The speech is often written to
celebrate past experiences, present
accomplishments and future hopes.

What is a commencement

A commencement speech usually

makes up a substantialpart of a
commencement or graduation
ceremony. A broad range of appropriate
topics in any nature are acceptable
when composing such a speech, but
the overall importance of the speech
itself, may make writing it challenging.

Tips on making a commencement


1. Brainstorm about what your

experience in school has meant to you.
2. Start to develop a theme
3. Think about the structure of your
4. Start the introduction with something
5. Make the middle of your speech
interesting and remember to tie it in
with your theme.
6. Use your conclusion to draw a lesson.

Step-by step

First, state the value you place on this opportunity to
speak on this occasion. Remember, many of the
graduates and their families see this ceremony as a
once-in-a-life-time experience, so let them feel that
youwantto be there, and you want to be with them for
that special moment. Then, if appropriate, begin your
speech with an attention grabbing quote, image or
simply an anecdote.


Most often, commencement ceremonies are
good opportunities to reminisce about the past
and look ahead to the future. So a common
Past- Present- Future structure is followed.
Many speakers adopt this structure to foster the
concept that though the past is now bygone, it
will be a strong resource bank for the future.



First, summarize your three key points

in the Past, Present, Future of the body.
Second, return to the introduction and
restate your original statement or goal.
Last, end with a congratulation to the
graduates and well wishes for their careers
and endeavoursin the coming years.

Tips on Delivering a Commencement


1. Speak slowly.
2. Pause for effect.
3. Have the speech memorized, mostly
4. Make good eye contact with your
5. Don't worry about mess-ups.
6. Put feeling into your voice.
7. Be confident, not cocky.
8. Practice your speech ahead of time

Commencement S
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