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Forgetting Sarah

Genre Awareness
Romantic Comedy


Levi Strauss~ Within Forgetting Sarah Marshall (FSM) there are limited areas
of binary oppositions. However the most prominent would be Old vs Young.
The characters dont necessarily have a huge age difference, but visually it
can be recognised.
Todorov~ The beginning of the equilibrium starts with the main character
(Peter) going through a break up with his long term girlfriend. Then the
disruption begins when Peter goes on holiday to clear his head and finds his ex
girlfriend there with her new partner. The realisation comes when Peter
meets and starts to like the girl at the reception (Rachael). This then follows
onto the restoration where his ex realises how much she misses him and tries
to get him back. Then finally the equilibrium happens where Peter and Rachael
end up together with a happy ending.
Barthes~ The symbolic code within the text creates greater tension, greater
meaning and character development. Character Development is the most
prominent within symbolic code as we see how the main character develops
emotionally with getting over his ex, then finding Rachel, getting back with
his ex then finding how important Rachel is to him.
Propp~ In a way Propps theory is valid with a few character archetypes. For
example his ex is The Villain, The Hero is Peter, and The Princess is Rachel
who he meets at the hotel. However other then that not many other
characters are valid within the story.

The genre of FSM is a Romantic Comedy, but also
using aspects of social realism to make it seem
realistic and relatable to the viewers/ audience.
Stereotypical elements such as using a well known
British actor Russel Brand in an Americanised film
with American actors, shows a contrast in the
accents. Therefore contributing to the genre of
In terms of romance, the on and off love story
between Peter and his ex adds a serious element to
the film. As well as a secondary genre of social

Most of the film is shot on a very beautiful island
which is very picturesque and warm, mostly
coloured in a bright hazy filter. This possibly
represents the beauty of the film and how
attractive the storyline and the actors are.
Therefore enforcing the genre of a romantic comedy
with elements of social realism.
There is also a representation of comedy, sadness
and commitment in relationships. Which illustrates
the storyline and the realism of relationships and

Audience and Institution

Audience~ On the release date of the film they
made $17,725,330 (USA) (18 April 2008) within the
first weekend of screenings.
Institution~ Stars include Jason Segel, Kristen Bell,
Mila Kunis and Russel Brand. The director is Nicholas
Stoller who also was a part of Sex Tape and Bad
Neighbours which are both comedies. Production
companies include Universal Pictures and Apatow
Productions, therefore suggesting it being a
Hollywood style film by the budget being a whopping

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