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Agile-Scrum Methodology

Application Development

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Why Agile-Scrum Methodology

Agile-Scrum Methodology

What is Scrum
Scrum Roles
Scrum Practices
Scrum Artifacts
Team compositions
High Level Scrum Process

Demo Tool
Business Benefits

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What is Agile- Scrum Methodology ?

Agile-Scrum software development framework:
Self-managed, co-located teams comprised of IT and business
members (SMEs)
Work is structured in cycles of work called Sprints. We have decided
to start with monthly Sprints.
During each Sprint, team pulls from a prioritized list of customer
requirements so that the highest value features are developed and
tested first. This list is created by the Product Owners.
Visual management techniques to manage and communicate daily
activities and progress

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Scrum Practices

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Scrum Artifacts

24 hours

2-4 weeks



Scrum (Agile Methodology)

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Scrum Roles

5-9 members team

Cross-functional group of people
Members should be full time
Responsible for self managing the

Owns definition of Success

Focus on ROI
Represents the stakeholders and the
Maintain and prioritize the product backlog

Act as the facilitator

Buffer between the team and any
distracting influences.
Remove impediments

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Team Composition
Scrum team
1 to 2 Developers
3 to 4 Analysts ( Analysts from various modules like MM, SD, FI
CO etc)
1 Scrum Master
1 BCM analyst

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Old Process for Prioritization and


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New Process of Prioritization and Scheduling

with Product Owner

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High Level Scrum Process

Sprint planning
session with scrum
teams for allocation
of tickets

Execute sprint cycle

Develop & Test with
the Business user or

Product Owner
evaluates, cleanses &
prioritizes tickets
based on business

Product backlog
aligned with Business
by Product owner

Sprint demo (KT

session) with
Product owner,
Business and support

Grooming/ T Shirt
sizing done for
tickets by Scrum
team,DA, Product
and SME

Product backlog
created by Product

Sprint retrospective
meeting at the end of
the sprint cycle.

mRFC tickets
submitted by SAP
Service Desk


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Sprint Demo Meeting

(Handshake between Tier2 and Tier 1)
One per Sprint
Team invites Product Owners and Tier 1 to see an
overview (business process and technical)
Standard formats for presentation
RFS Documents available on share point portal with
detailed advance intimation on the HD tickets
Adequate time spend on each ticket with actual SAP
transaction testing and explanation of
code/configuration documentation
Feedback on Demo given by each team member for
improvements and clarifications

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Tools Used for Monitoring Scrum

Online task board by Bigvisible


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Scrum Monitoring Tools/Burnt Down



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Scrum Business Benefits

Dedicated cross-functional team focused only on minor
requests for change
Increased throughput by reducing churn in the test, fix, then
test again pattern
Greater business involvement in design process to achieve
better first pass quality results
Improved focus on prioritization
On time delivery increased using this methodology


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Case Study SAP-Application Enhancement-<Audio Equipment Mfg.>

TCS actively participated in setting up of SAP based application enhancement services through SCRUM
methodology for client in a cost effective offshore AGILE delivery model and helped them to create a Change
management process for managing minor requests for change (mRFC).
Company Overview
Company is one of the biggest
entertainment and home audio
solutions manufacturer with
professional sound systems for
applications, including stadiums
and auditoriums, houses of
department stores, restaurants,
and the aviation and automotive
In this project, multiple instances
of legacy systems were replaced
by a single instance SAP
solution. The new system is
being used across Asia, Europe,
and America, and therefore
requires extensive support

Business Challenge

TCS Role

To increase the productivity 3 to 5 times faster than

what was currently done.
Large SAP minor enhancement queue

Using Scrum methodology(AGILE tool) for implementing the

To reduce enhancement cycle times.

Change request cycle times stretched over
To prioritize business requirements effectively
React to large queue by cherry picking based
on skills
Define emergency release process to make changes
in production on priority.
For tickets that cannot wait for the next

application enhancement changes.

To define the Change Request to capture and record all the
necessary approval from business to move the changes from
development to quality to production.
Sets the Request Resolution and Closure procedure,
Emergency Releases procedure, Escalation Process, and
uploads the solution document.
Proposing and implementing process improvements using
Kaizen methods
which has been defined during the
retrospective sprint meetings.
To Set the Request handling process.
Creation of matrices on reporting various aspects of project
Offshore development for global delivery

Business Benefits: Faster closer and clear status visibility of enhancement requests.
Effective and efficient management of changes in SAP environment helped in providing 4 times faster
delivery and greater accountability to the Client.



Dedicated cross-functional team focused

100% offshore model to minimize the

Overall reduction of Non-Value Adds or
waste while resolving minor requests for
change(Nearly 84% reduction)
On time delivery increased to nearly
70% using this methodology

only on minor requests for change

Increased throughput by reducing churn
in the test, fix, then test again pattern.
SCRUM has enabled the team to provide
the business with the most value at the
right time

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Greater business involvement in design process to
achieve better first pass quality results
Improved focus on prioritization across the global
operations. More higher priority tickets getting