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eresource 3GL ERP - ERP for

Master Module

Master Module
Masters Module has all Forms which work as Master Forms for the eresource 3GL
ERP. We believe in Masters and Transaction concept where in all Master Data is
defined which are only selectable in Transaction Forms. This will eliminate repeated
data entries for common data like Products, Clients, Suppliers, Country Names, and
City Names etc. All Masters are mainly classified into Geographical Data, Initial Data,
Product Data, and Store Data & Ledger.In the Master module, we have heads like
Account, Item, General, Excise, Warehouse and Report.

Master Module - Menu

All Master forms collects all the initial data using
various forms assigned under heading Accounts,
General, Inventory & Operation

Account Master-Client Address

Client's General details, contact details, billing dispatch details,credit information, terms
tagging Tabs are available here


Agent Address(Accounts)

Registration details of Party Agent is filled in here

Office Address(Accounts)
General details are captured here

Supplier Address(Accounts)
Supplier details are stored in here

Location Master (General)

Location wise details are stored in here such as Country, State, City, Area,currency
name, currency code Denomination etc.

Currency Rate Conversion(General)

As in the Logistics Industry the area of operation is from places to places, many times its
inbetween two countries, so currency gets changes. Here we provide a facility to put the
exchange rate and details of other country's currency to make further transaction more
easy and accurate.

here exchange rate can be filled in for further usage in


Terms And Condition(General)

Terms and Condition for different departments, Section or whole organisation can be added
here for further use.

Item Master (Inventory)

At the core of every business system, there is a nucleus.For eresource 3GL ERP, our
nucleus is the Item Master. eresource ERP's Item Master serves as the centralized
repository for all items/products, which are tracked and inventoried within the enterprise.
Our Item Master can: Create any and all attributes about an item, Serial number and lot
tracking. Complex multilevel Bill Of Materials.

Reference Code is generated for item from here

Item Rate Contract (Inventory)

Different vendors provide several Items with specified rate,Here are all details regarding
it is entered.

Item Rate Contract is fixed here by adding tax % according to tax type

Stock Item Details(Inventory)

Warehouse/Stores have stock of the material which are industry specific, to keep track of
that record all details are captured so as to know whats the Opening Stock,Current stock,
Minimum Stock, Rejected stock etc.entities

Product details are filled in here master form.

Driver Master (Operation)

As in the Transportation industry Driver keeps on changing according to situation, but to
data of all drivers available this Driver Master helps in doing so. There is a similar form
'Khalashi form' where details of assitant of Driver is captured.

Transit Time (Operations)

The overall time required for the the driver to complete the one transit along with the route
details are filled in here.

Zone Master (Operation)

In Transportation sometimes the business is so geographically wide so that the several
cities/states are then categorised according to zone. ex: North Zone may consist of group of
cities located at north where the transportation is taking place. here you can set the zone
name and cities or state coming under that zone.

Insurance Module
In Insurance module all details of insurance related document is stored such as
Insurance Company name, Contact person name, contact number, etc.

Insurance Agent
Insurance agent details are captured here, such asParty name, alias name,
industry type,registration details,other details etc.

Insurance Paper & Permit

Insurance Paper & permit module contain Assset detail which is insured and
charges details along with agent details.

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