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A Simple Shooting Game in Android

Moutushi Majumder
Moumita Sarkar

Lecturer of
Department of Computer Science and
Engineering (CSE)
Premier University, Chittagong.

There are lots of android action games developed by lots of
developers around the world. Those games have their own specified
features to attract the attention of the players. Visual appearance and
a good theme development is a must for any kind of game. While
developing this game we have kept in mind these facts and tried to
create an application which is efficient in case of visual appearance
and story. The application we developed is a combination of mazes
and actions to ensure the satisfaction of the players playing this
game. When a player moves through the game, by the time goes it
would be more difficult and challenging for the player to step
further ahead.

Literature Review
Android is a mobile operating system (OS) based on the Linux
kernel and currently developed by Google. With a interface
based on direct manipulation, Android is designed primarily
for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet
computers, with specialized user interfaces for televisions
(Android TV), cars (Android Auto), wrist watches (Android
Wear) and games(Android Game). The OS uses touch inputs
that loosely correspond to real-world actions, like swiping,
tapping, pinching, and reverse pinching to manipulate onscreen objects, and a virtual keyboard.

Literature Review(Cont.)
Shooting Game
A shooting game is a genre of video game where the player has limited spatial
control of his or her character (i.e., it is only possible to move on a 2D
plane), and the focus is almost entirely on the defeat of the character's
enemies using long-range weaponry.
Examples of STGs are R-Type, Giga Wing, Blazing Star, Zero

A general description of this

This game project has a repeatedly scrolling background as the main
character of this game (Minion) moves forward. The minion has a gun
which is used to shoot bullets to incoming enemies which destroys the
enemies after a certain number of bullets collides with the enemies. In this
project we used gun as enemies which moves toward the Minion and
when they touch the Minion collision occurs. As the number of collision
increases health of the Minion decreases and the Minion dies if its health
becomes zero. However, the Minion can avoid the collision by ducking and
thus it preserves its health. To move forward the Minion has to go through
different mazes. . When it finds an empty space it has to jump
over it to move along. If somehow it fails to jump a
particular distance it falls and dies.The enemies follow the minion
and fly to it to destroy it which works within a certain distance. If the
minion somehow avoids a gun without destroying it and moves forward
and there are more incoming guns.

Application of the project

There are various applications of our project some
of which but not limited to are:

The game usesartificial intelligence technique

specifically when guns follow the minion.
It uses collision technique. When the bullets strike
on the guns or the guns attack the minion.
Touch activity

Fundamental functions
The system can be broken up into three
fundamental functions.
1. Game play: The user will have an intuitive
interface for playing the game. He will be able
to move the minion right, left, up and down
simply by touching the screen of the mobile
2. Pause Game: The user can pause the game at
any point and return right back into it.
3. Exit: There is an exit option which terminate
the game.


Case Specification
Pre-Condition: Should have an android supported Open GLES
2.0 enabled multimedia mobile phone.
Main Scenarios: There are a number of main scenarios in our
1. Move Right If the users touch the mobile screen which is
horizontally greater than 400 pixels the minion will move

Case Specification(cont.)
2. Move Left If the users touch the mobile screen which is
horizontally less than 400 pixels and greater than 65 pixels
the minion will move left.

335 pixel

Case Specification(cont.)
3. Jump If the users touch the mobile screen
which generates a matrix of (0, 285, 65, 65)
pixels will make the minion jump in the air.

Case Specification(cont.)
4. Duck If the users touch the mobile screen which
generates a matrix of (0, 415, 65, 65) pixels will
make the minion duck.

Case Specification(cont.)
5. Shoot If the users touch the mobile screen
which generates a matrix of (0, 350, 65, 65)
pixels will make the minion shoot bullets toward

Case Specification(cont.)
6. Pause If the users touch the mobile screen
which generates a matrix of (0, 0, 35, 35) pixels
will pause the game.

Condition of Enemy Health

When guns approach to the minion the player
touches the shooting area to shoot bullets. When
the bullets touch the gun collision occurs. Each
collision causes damage to the gun and after a
certain damage the gun is destroyed and
disappeared from the screen. After each gun
destruction the players score five point.
score increases after each gun destroyed
touching the shooting area continuously will result continuous shooting of bullets

Condition of Minion Health

If the player of this game doesnt shoot enough to
destroy the gun approaching the minion, the gun
will collide with the minion causing health
damage to the minion. The default gun health is
100 and it will decrease gradually upon collision.
When the health reaches zero the gun dies and
game over screen shows up.
health decreases if guns collide with minion

When guns touch the minion collision occurs

Algorithm of our project

1. Start with Touching Play area
2. Tap the screen to start playing
3. if moving right is required
Then touch the moving right area of the screen
4. if moving left is required
Then touch the moving left area of the screen
5. if jumping is required
Then touch the jump area of the screen
6. if ducking is required then touch the duck area of the
7. if jumping over a distance is required
Then perform the steps 3 and 5 simultaneously

Algorithm of our
8. if shooting required then touch the shoot area of
the screen
9. if shooting in a higher area is required perform
the steps 5 and 8 simultaneously.
10. if moving right is required while ducking
perform step 6 and 3 simultaneously.
11. if pausing the game is required then Touch the
pause area of the screen.
12. if resuming is required after pausing the game
then touch the resume area of the screen.
13. if quitting the game is required then double tap
the back button of the mobile.

The Minion Space War is a arcade shooting game, which is popular for last
two decades , but largely spread in Europe only during the last few years,
has been studied and analyzed in details in this report. A touch coordinate
model has been formulated. In addition, the coordinate model has been
implemented in a computer solver and in parallel a program has been
developed able to generate enemies in the game. Some applications of this
analytical and numerical work have been presented too. Finally our game
comes with variety of different level according to the duration of playing.
Further developments in this field should consider the uniqueness of
solution level completion a level gate can be added. Further work could
explore more maze generation algorithm that makes use of the unique
nature of our difficulty level.