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The Dissertation/Research

Guidelines are adapted from
Yildirims Student Handbook for
Ph.D. Program.

What is the purpose of a proposal?

To describe the purpose of the intended study
To describe how the intended study is
grounded in the literature
To describe the importance of the intended
To describe the limitations of the study
To describe a step by step plan for
conducting the study

What should be contained in the

Succinct statement of the research problem
The rationale and background of the problem citing related literature
and research studies that lead logically into the problem statement
Clear statement of the research questions that flow logically from the
statement of the problem

Introduction (Continued)
Statement as to why this problem is worthy
of study (Significance of the study)
Arguments for significance should be made
on three grounds( practice, policy and
knowledge). In what ways does the
research hold the potential to influence
practice, policy and knowledge?
Provide definition of terms.

Review of the Literature

Purpose of the lit. review is to demonstrate
that you have knowledge of the topic that
you are investigating; that you are
knowledgeable of the major trends in
previous research; that you understand the
polemics in the field and that you
understand and can demonstrate the
relevance of the previous works to the focus
of your dissertation

Review of Literature (Continued)

What should be in the lit. review? Cover the
major theories, positions and studies that
inform your study.
Be analytical- it is not a summary of what
you have read.
Identify themes, conclusions, and

Literature Review (Continued)

Organize the review by using subheadings.
Provide a summary at the end of the review
that synthesizes from an analytical
perspective what you have read.

Theoretical Framework
The purpose of the theoretical framework is
to describe the models on which the
research will be based.
From this framework you will develop your
research questions and workable

Should be workable, testable and flow
logically from your theoretical framework.

The method section describes in detail and
with in-depth specificity how you plan to get
the answers to your research questions and
It must convince the reader that the way you
plan to get the data is reasonable, reliable
and valid.

Method Continued
What is the overall design?
What is the context for the study?
What are the data sources?
What instruments will be used to collect the data? How will
you safeguard their reliability and validity?
What procedures and or strategies will be used to collect
the data?
What pilot work, if any will be done, to ensure that the
study procedures and instruments are reliable and valid?
What analytical strategies will be used with the data?

Can you demonstrate a clear link between
your research questions/hypotheses and
your method section?.