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By Teguh Hadi Saputro and Nur Arifin

Before Get Started …

What is your greatest teaching tool?

Do you have a dedicated
teacher bag or teaching tool

10 Great Teaching Tools say NO to … High-tech  Expensive  Electricity or  batteries Pre-made texts or  sources Specialized stuf  .

They say YES to … Old school  Low cost  Low teach  Portable  Possible to make  Multi use  For T and Ss  Fun  .So.

The Tools are used for/to … Classroom Management  Enable learners to create their own materials  .

Goal of This Presentation…  To show useful tools To show  To around show  To show  variety To show answer  simple tools are all more tools. more fun more tools. more class there’s always DIY Do It Yourself .

SCISSORS (and scratch paper) All levels of students  Examples of activity (with 1.1. List name of small animals in little pieces of paper . scratch Namespaper) of famous person in little pieces of paperdescribe 2.

2. reducing  To fear of mistake keep pace brisk and fun  . TIMERS FUNCTION To start or stop the task  To allow students to practice time  management To keep students focus on their task.

Ps: timer is easy to make .Don’t you think it will give pressure for students to see the  timer? It is even GOOD.

3. PIZZA BOX LID (CARD BOARD)  Board game Learner  centered Small groups  Elementary (suggested)  .

DICE  You can play with your pizza box lids .4.

 You can have makeyour-sentence game Ghost can walk through walls .

 You can vary with this game The presenter will explain .

dice templa .Make your own dice… hexagonal pencil or… .

COLORED MARKERS Picture Dictation .5.

CALL BELL (AUDIO SIGNIFIER) To generate students’ attention .6.


What is it for? Post student art on windows or  walls Hold colored pens or papers on  desk Stick markers to whiteboard  Erase pencil marks  Hide objects for treasure hunt  .

CLAY  Do you like the feel of clay?  Is it possible to use clay for languagelearning classes? .8.


Do you want to make clay by yourself? .

CARDS Group formation .9.

PUPPET  An extra voice An extra teacher  A motivator   Characters for role play .10.

Hand Puppet Finger Puppet Our fabulous WAYANG .

Do you want to make puppet by yourself? Sock Puppet .


just one group . No need to think in terms of getting enough materials for the whole class -.One huge advantage of LEARNING STATIONS ….

Your teacher tool kit allows you to… Manage classes efficiently  Provide students with the means to create materials themselves  Make no-prep learner-centered  activity Be confident even when unprepared  before a large class  Avoid talking all the time yourself .