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About people, with people

Joint Social Efforts for the realization of the

„Barcs Spa and Recreation Center”
We introduce ourselves
Barcs views from the above
• Population: 12 300
• Natural values:
- River Drava
- Duna Drava National Park
- Old Juniper Forest, Barcs
- Thermal water resources
- Rich in fish and wild animals
• Border crossing point to
• Cultural, intellectual,
commercial and supplier center
of the region
• A small town developing
• Effective possibilities in
developing tourism
The Beginning
The Old Watering Place in Barcs
• Outworn pools (decreased technical condition, not economically
renewable, pool system unable to achieve increase in capacities)
• Lack of pumping system
• Low water temperature, and low runoff
• Not able to fulfill the needs of the people
Process of the Realization
• Main purpose of the investment:
- Pool Foundation initiates the creation of a new
- Civil and public organizations draw the need for
the development more and more studiously
- According to a survey made in 1999, 69% of the
population has a demand for the development
Preparing the Realization
•Drill of a well 2002:
- Depth of well: 1 378 m
- Runoff of well 1 250 l/min
- Temperature of thermal water 58 0C
- Calling for tender
- Collecting public opinions
- Collecting opinions about the place of the
- Professional discussion of the tenders
after summarizing public opinions
• Tender Opportunities
2. Szechenyi Program for the Development of Tourism
3. Regional Development Operative Program
4. Regional programs for Equalization
5. County-based programs for Equalization
6. Support of the General Assembly in Somogy
7. Support of the Department of the Prime Minister

Sum of the subsidies earned 1 007 046 thousand Ft

Summarised value of the investment:
1 737 960 thousand Ft
Subsidiary intensity: 57,97 %
Process of the Realization

• Contractor: TEMPERO Zrt.

• Beginning of the investment: December
• First phase technical delivery – delivery
and start of running: 09. July 2005
• Ceremonial opening of the facility: 07.
February 2006
Pictures Taken from the Process of the
Civil Organizations involved in the
Process of the Realization

In the town of Barcs, there are 32 Civil

Organizations operating, from these that
were partners are:
• Dráva Völgye Secondary School
• Sports Club of Barcs
• Town Sports Association Barcs
• Roma Majority Community
• Together for the Town Association
Moments Before the Opening
Methods of informing the Public and the
Civil Organizations

•Public forums
•Public discussions
•On-site sessions
•Interactive TV programmes
•Local journal – radio - website
Throughout the whole process of the
preparation and the realization.
Related Investments

• Development of traffic routes

• Developing a traffic intersection
• Development of parking spaces
• Development of catering trade
• Marking of the place of a camping - pension
Also according to this issues continuous
conversation with the public and the Civil
Practical Solutions of the Use

• Foundation of sections in water sports

• Building in swimming practice lessons to the
schedules of schools and kindergartens
• Start of the therapeutic department
• Processing different programmes for
spending free time associated with the pool
(sports and wellness, entertainment and old-
pension programmes).
Operating in Pictures
Effects of the Project
• The most important investment in the history
of town so far.
• A popular place of resort and spa.
• The basic place for the socialization for a
healthy life.
• A perfect site for swimming lessons.
• Center of the therapeutically treatments.
• A basis for the local products in tourism.
• Has an effect of generating more tourism-
related projects.
Related Investments
• Hotel Laguna
• Hotel and Pension
Thank You for Your Attendance!