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Uni -Assist

Application Procedure

9-Steps to apply via Uni-Assist

1. Gather the Information about your course and University
2. Make an account on Uni-assist portal
3. Select your course and University
4. Fill up the Application
5. Upload your documents
6. Take print out of your application
7. Submit the application
8. Fees Transfer
9. Send the documents by post

Gather Information
Gather the detailed information about your course and
university where you would like to apply for.
For example :
The requirements of your course.
Dead line of application.
Procedure of application.
Find out whether you need to apply through Uni-assist
or not.

How to creat an account on Uniassist portal

Go to
Give your personal detail
Register your self on Uni-assist account

Course selection
Sign in with your account on Uni-assist portal.
Select `search study offers from left corner.
Filter your course e.g Select desired Semester,
University and Programe.
Click on `search course.
Select your desired course and click on creat

Fill up the application form

Fill up your application form you will asked about genral
For example
Your previous qualification.
Your previous activities.
Note : If you are applying for studienkolleg or DSH
course then select yes when you asked about
studienkolleg or DSH.
Note : you dont need to give all answers only give
related answers. (e.g) when you asked about studies
completed in German University then leave it if you

Allocate Files
Upload all required documents
Each file may not exceed 10 MB. The total size of all
files that you upload may not exceed 100 MB.
The following file formats are allowed:
avi, doc, docx, flv, jpg, mov, mp3, mp4, odt, ogg,
pdf, png, wma, wmv
Select your documents before going on next step.

Print out and submit online

Select Take print out of your application.
A PDF file will automatically genrated.
Download the file and take printout of it.
Click on continue.
Now click on submit online.

Fees Transfer
Uni-assist charges fees for assisting your application
For 1st application you have to pay 75 and 15 for
per additional application
Transfer the fees on uni-assist bank accout
Find the Bank account detail on uni assist website.

Send the documents

Find Uni-assist postal address on Uni-assist website.
Write the name of university where you are applying for and write the address
of Uni-assist in C\O

(Name of University)
c/o uni-assist e.V.
Geneststrae 5
D-10829 Berlin
send the all required documets on uni-assist address by post.
Important note :
All documents must be certified by Notary public or Rathaus.
Must sign the downloaded application form and send it with your documents.
Also send the receipt of fees transfer.

Syed Waqas Bin Sami