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Module 7 Webinar

November, 2015

Dr. Fred Mednick

Year 1-3 Goals

Year One:

Wide exposure to ICT tools


Year Two:

Direct application of ICTs to Suriname curriculum

Preparation for teaching through practice at IOL
21st Century teaching concept mastery

Year Three:

Successful completion of 9 lesson plans in classrooms

Demonstration of subject mastery and ICTs (what you teach)
E-Portfolio review

IOL and ICT in Education

IOL Program
1. Pass courses
2. 9 successful lessons

ICT in Education Program

1. Pass courses
2. 9 successful lessons
3. E-Portfolio

This Raises Challenges

IOL policies that support our program
Knowing your academic subject
Ensuring access to schools
Being evaluated fairly by IOL

that Year 2 seeks to address

Analysis of Commitment Survey
Overview of Year 2

The Survey: 62 Students

2 want the LO degree (2 years)
6 are undecided
54 want the MO-A degree (3 years)

32 no formal teaching experience (yet)

7 have 1-3 years
5 have 4-6 years
18 have 7+ years

Of the 32 Pre-Service Students

6 want to work in primary schools
20 want to work in secondary schools
6 are undecided

Of the 20 Pre-Service Teachers

Secondary School Subject Preferences

Year 2
Teacher-structured, not teacher led
Far more focus on group work
Focus on HOW you master course content
Focus on HOW you learn subjects
Focus on HOW you incorporate technology

Year 2 Components:
1. Personalized Learning Plan (PLP)
a. Choose a Mentor (priority)
b. Select a School (from ICT in Education
teachers in the program)
c. Complete a learning inventory, timeline

This is not an assignment, but a process you will

share with your mentor

2. A Central Theme
Module 7: Formative Assessment
Reinforcement of prior learning

3. Group Project Requirements

5-7 Topics per Module
Groups responsible for 1 (per module)
Selected resources available in Canvas
Presentations available to all
Possible Module 12 Culminating Exam

3a. Group Project Deliverables

1. Evaluate how concept is being taught
2. Connect topic to lessons currently
taught in schools
3. Demonstrate appropriate use of ICTs
4. Create, post, and share presentation

4. Observations, Part 1:
November 2015 to March 2016

Pre-service teachers: 10 (3 can be virtual)

Working teachers: 8 (3 can be virtual)
Substitutes for working teachers
The virtual classroom option

5. Prepare Lessons & Practice

Teaching for Peers
This is an individual requirement
Full presentations later: Modules 10-12
Practice using NEW lesson-plan format
Practice using NEW observation form
This is preparation for your IOL teaching
requirement in Surinamese classrooms

6. Preparing to Teach Locally

Meeting IOLs Requirement
Will consider reality of local classrooms
Will use observation and feedback form
used in your practice sessions
Can be used to fulfill IOLs graduation
requirement: 9 successfully-taught lessons