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The Beloved Community Center of

Greensboro, Inc. (BCC)

Semi- Annual Meeting of the Board of
BCC Administrative Offi ce
Noon to 2:00 pm
December 5, 2015

Our Vision and Overview of Our Work in 2013

...to serve as a catalyst and a call to the

residents of Greensboro to immediately

intensify and elevate the work of
transitioning the City of Greensboro to a new
era in which all of the citys 273,000
residents may thrive.
We intend to inform, encourage and engage

the residents, while seeking the support of

the nation, in order to construct a process
that allows a broad range of people to work
together towards the goal of making
Greensboro the best city it can be.

Our Work Plan

(which covers the next 3 to 7 years As sketched out In
Development of a series of

discussion papers on the

key issues facing
Initially, the design of the
focus attention on 3

and proposed solutions,
including :
Police Accountability
Economy of the City;
Education Apparatuses;

A Brief
Summation of
Our Work in

1st Quarter (January March


BCC made significant

accomplishments in
2015. Only a few are
high-lighted. The
important thing to
note is that our work
is consistent with our
overall vision and
mission and that our
work has a cumulative
effect over time that
achieves the goals we
have set forth.
Selected Items
accomplishments are
highlighted on the
next several slides

Hosted the BCC Open Community Building Table every Wednesday

from noon to 2pm (ongoing)

Worked diligently to urge the City to select a new Police Chief

that could lead Greensboro into a new era. We disagreed with

the choice made by the City
Hosted a meeting and developed ties with the Campaign for

Black Male Achievement (CBMA). CBMA has contracted with BCC

for $25k to compile the history of our work into a curriculum that
can be used to train African American males, especially youth.
Worked closely with the state NAACP to help mobilize 40,000

people for the annual Historic Thousands on Jones Street in

Raleigh, NC (Moral Monday or HKonJ)
Guided the planning, organizing, mobilizing and facilitation of the

quarterly meeting of the Police Accountability, Community Safety

and Healing Initiative (PACSHI) The Scales case cut across our
police accountability work throughout the year. (ongoing)
Worked with the Southern Coalition for Social Justice (SCSJ) to

host a Clean Slate Clinic for ex-offenders with felony changes

1st Quarter Continued

Helped educate and organize the community to prevent enforcement of

Senate Bill 36 (aka Trudy Wade bill). It was ultimately rejected by courts in
July 2015. BCC members Lewis Brandon and Nelson & Joyce Johnson were
citizen parties to the suit that halted the application of the bill for the 2015
city elections.
Hosted 1st weekly meeting of the Community-City Working Group convened

by Mayor Vaughan and BCCs Nelson Johnson (continued throughout year).

Intervened in the City sponsored meeting, held at Bennett College, to

promote the new police chief, despite objections by the Greensboro black
community leaders.

2nd Quarter (April June 2015)

Continued the public work around the non-democratic processing of selecting the police

Continued to receive and work on cases related to police abuse of power, including the

Scales Brothers case.

Pushed and organized to get the city to vote in favor of a historic marker, properly naming

the Klan/Nazi killings of Nov. 3, 1979 as a MASSACRE. This initiative was led by Lewis
Brandon, supported by BCC and the larger community.
Played a leading role in organizing a Clergy-Community Press Conference at Bethel AME

Church focused on galvanizing community response to police abuse of power. This gathering
inspired the BCC initiative, Towards a 1,000 Black Youth Gathered.

Formally Kicked off the campaign of Towards a 1,000 Back Youth Gathered

3rd Quarter (July September 2015)

Facilitated the attachment of solar panels on the rooftop of Faith Community

Church in cooperation with another non-profit, NC WARN. This is a trial

case to determine if there can be 3rd party providers for solar power.

We are also part of a complaint asking Atty. General Cooper to enforce state

guidelines which require Duke Energy to operate in the interest of the public it was
chartered to serve.
Provided training for youth and then initiated walks in the community under the

banner of 1,000 Black Youth gathered, building for a major gathering of youth at the
end of the summer.
Organized a bus trip of young people from BVV and local churches to attend the

Proctor Conference at Haley Farms in Tennessee. Additionally, Nelson and Joyce

conducted workshops focused on non-violent social engagement.
Received a delegation from Ferguson, MO that requested counsel and assistance on a

truth telling project for that city.

4th Quarter ( October December 2015)

Sponsored Quality Community gathering & Candidate Form in October, led by youth.
Engaged in numerous responses to the media from Washington, DC, Los Angeles,

Miami, Raleigh, Charlotte and others about the installation of solar paneling.
Hosted Ben & Jerrys Foundation Board and Staff for a Citywide Learning Tour in

November that included BCCs partnering organizations, local leaders and

foundations. B&Js has already sent an initial $25k and committed to an additional
$25k by December 31st.
Assisted with public presentation of Community-Citywide Working Groups findings.

Over 200 people were in attendance at Shiloh Baptist Church. The final 2 page
proposal will presented to city council on December 15 th.
Represented BCC in November at a statewide climate change conference. Nelson

Johnson and TC Muhammad were BCC participants.

Participated in Storytelling & Healing Roundtable for Elderly LGBTQ Individuals and

Their Allies in Charlotte in November.

Attended the Womens Equality Center Regional Advocates Meeting in Charlotte, NC

in November.
Collaborated with southern labor leaders in a training in South Carolina in December

on building community support for job equity and economic justice.

Participated in Kellogg Foundations Invitational Meeting on Truth, Racial Healing and

Transformation (TRHT) in December.

Our Work during the 3rd and 4th Quarter

BCCs Work
Going Forward

2016 &
2015 was a
very, very
financially. We
appear to be
making some
that we hope
will continue
into 2016.
Based on this
we have a
revised work
plan for 2016

Revised Work Plan for 2016

Police accountability and professionalism will

remain a high priority area. Allows us to

engage the culture of the entire city and will
make promoting a beloved spirit in other
areas of work more possible.
Solar paneling, renewable energy and climate

change work
Economic Equity & Social Justice Work
Education for life and transforming our

Community Work: Launching the Beloved

Organizing, Training & Healing Initiative
Youth Work will remain a special focus and cut

across all areas

Our work continues to be guided by a group

of dedicated individuals who do the research,
(as evidenced here) and work tirelessly
in the community to make a difference
and move us toward a Beloved Community.


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