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and gargi
Sowmiya Lakshmi
Subash Chandar
Vijay Samuel

This is a follow up of 'Ramesh and Gargi (A)'
describes the deterioration of the relationship
between three people in an organization.
Ramesh, Learning and Development Head,
Chrysalis Pharmaceuticals, feels that he is
being eased out of the company and being
replaced by a new, young, and very
competent woman employee, Gargi.
In this case it is unclear whether Ramesh is
going to leave the organization or stay on. .

Problem identification
Chrysalis was a developing company with 1200
employees. Where the oil company which Ramesh has
worked for more than fifteen years consist of 25000
The arrival of Gargi Sinha has made Ramesh to check
his performance in the organization.
Gargis experience is of three years in Microsoft which
was less as compared to Ramesh.
Gargi became comfortable easily, ebullient person and
impressed everyone with her articulation skill.

The activities of Gargi made everyone to praise her. This

affects Ramesh.
A gap formed between Ramesh and the organization.
Though he mentally prepared and try to familiar with
the activities but that not forms a good result.
The ideas of Ramesh was not accepted by organization.
Ramesh was not aware of any information that happens
in the organization.
The name Ramesh was started to disappear within the
activities conducted in their organization.
The team was looped without the presence of Ramesh
but with Gargi

Causes of the problem

Ramesh was not very open to Gargi.
For taking decisions or conducting any meetings
Ramesh as informing to everyone he informed to
Gargi as well but she didnt give prior information
to Ramesh.
Gargi refused to organize Rameshs meeting.
Gargi created an impact among the team members.
The culture of mutual respect was lost.

He was jealous of gargi because he

lacked self esteem .
He was distracted from his work ,
which even created problems in his
personal life.

Possible alternatives
He needs to talk personally with CEO
and VP kamla and he should identify
the reason why they have constantly
ignored Ramesh .
He must speak openly to gargi .
He must speak to his wife the
problems that he has inside the
company and tell her to suggest best
alternatives .

Best alternatives
If none the possible alternatives
work out he must immediately he
must look for another job and quit
this job .
Suppose if they respond positively
he should stay in the company and
prove that he is better than everyone
else in the company .