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The developer must design and develop an

application for computers; his main duty is to
transcribe a need in a software solution written
in computer language. Before the software
developer, was divided into analyst and
programmer, but now both are obligations of the

Duties and responsibilities:

A developer has more responsibilities than

just writing code, in a team of developers he
is often responsible for keeping track of their
own progress, and report to the project
manager of the problems it faces.


The software developer need have specific

technical knowledge of software
programming, particularly programming
oriented to objects and too must know about
software engineering.
The developer also has to know more than
one programming language, such as Java
and C ++.


The salary of a software developer can be

between 25,000 and 38,000 per year.
The highest-paid 10 percent in the
profession earned $143,540 in 2013, while
the lowest-paid earned $55,770.


They help to choose the appearance and

form of the game. They start with a sketch,
and then create specification to the artistic
part, sounds...


-videogames can arise of the films, programs or

designer's imagination.
-normally they start with the sketch, history,
characters. Designers develop different forms to
continue the videogame.
-with the art director, designers produce draws too,
storyboards and the interface.
-they design 2D worlds and 3D worlds.

Skills and characteristics:

-show the interest and knowledge about computers

and platforms.
-you should have a good imagination.
-you should have creative skills and design.
-you should have good communication with your
-you should to be sure when you present your


-degree in design and develop of

-advanced technician in 3D animation,
gaming and interactive environments.


Video Game Designers earn an average hourly

wage of $41.12. Hourly wages typically start from
$21.65 and go up to $61.01. Video Game
Designers earn an average salary of $85,520 per
year. Salaries typically start from $45,030 and go up
to $126,900.

A Security Engineer builds and
maintains IT security solutions for an
In this intermediate-level position, you
will be developing security for your
companys systems/projects and
handling any technical problems that


Engineer, implement and monitor security measures for the

protection of computer systems, networks and information
Identify and define system security requirements
Design system security architecture and develop detailed security
Prepare and document standard operating procedures and protocols
Configure and troubleshoot security infrastructure devices
Develop technical solutions and new security tools to help mitigate
security vulnerabilities and automate repeatable tasks
Ensure that the company knows as much as possible, as quickly as
possible about security incidents
Write comprehensive reports including assessment-based findings,
outcomes and propositions for further system security enhancement


Proven working experience in building and maintaining security

Detailed technical knowledge of database and operating system
Hands on experience in security systems, including firewalls,
intrusion detection systems, anti-virus software, authentication
systems, log management, content filtering, etc
Experience with network technologies and with system, security, and
network monitoring tools
Thorough understanding of the latest security principles, techniques,
and protocols
Familiarity with web related technologies (Web applications, Web
Services, Service Oriented Architectures) and of network/web related
Problem solving skills and ability to work under pressure
BS degree in Computer Science or related field


IDS/IPS, penetration and vulnerability testing

Firewall and intrusion detection/prevention protocols
Secure coding practices, ethical hacking and threat modeling
Windows, UNIX and Linux operating systems
Virtualization technologies
MySQL/MSSQL database platforms
Identity and access management principles
Application security and encryption technologies
Secure network architectures
Subnetting, DNS, encryption technologies and standards, VPNs,
VLANs, VoIP and other network routing methods
Network and web related protocols (e.g., TCP/IP, UDP, IPSEC, HTTP,
HTTPS, routing protocols, etc.)
Advanced Persistent Threats (APT), phishing and social engineering,
network access controllers (NAC), gateway anti-malware and
enhanced authentication


According to Payscale, the

median salary for a
Security Engineer
is $85,177 (2014 figures).
Overall, you can expect to
take home a total pay of
$55,338 $127,123. This
includes your base annual
salary, bonuses, profit
sharing, tips, commissions,
overtime pay and other
forms of cash earnings, as