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Personal Selling

Chapter 18

Nothing Happens Until

You Sell Something
Selling is the final step in a firm realizing its
central objectivemaximizing long-term profit.
Selling is the ultimate implementation of the
firms purpose and objective.
All employees are involved in selling the firms
products because they help the firm achieve the
best marketing mix.

The 11 Elements of
Successful Personal Selling

Thorough product knowledge

Listen to the customer
Call on the right people
Call with a purpose
Professional attitude, decorum, and attire
Get the appointment

The 11 Elements of
Successful Personal Selling

Get to know everyone

Develop a long-term relationship with
your customers
Be well rounded
Close the sale

Sellings Relationship to the

Firms Purpose and Objective
The best salespeople are those who believe
passionately in the value of the products they sell
A critical ingredient in having passionate
salespeople is that every employee sees,
understands, and accepts the firms purpose and
objective as worthwhile
Selling on purposehelping customers get what
they want so they can make their lives better gives
meaning to selling

Sales as a Career
Sales is an important part of the firms
overall success
Successful people are successful sales
personsspouses, children, scientists,
business managers
Understanding selling is a valuable part of
everyones business education

Discussion Questions



Is personal selling a legitimate subject to be

covered in a book on agribusiness management?
Explain the reasons for your answer.
Explain why someone who works in the human
resource area needs to know something about
personal selling.
Explain why selling is an internal and external
activity of the firm.
Identify and explain types of selling other than
business-to-business selling.

Discussion Questions


Which two of the elements of successful selling

listed in the chapter are most important? Explain
your answer.
Describe the characteristics of a successful sales
person. Explain the reasons for your answer.
In your own words describe the term networking,
and explain why it is important to sales success.
Explain why developing a long-term relationship
with your customers is desirable. How do football
tickets and dinners affect this relationship?

Discussion Questions
What is the role of trust and mutual benefit in
building a long-term customer relationship?
10. What does it mean to close the sale? Explain its
role in personal selling.
11. How does the firms purpose and objective
affect the performance of its sales persons?
12. Identify 3 reasons someone who is seeking a
career in business would select a sales position.
Explain your answer.