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Project A09

Rhandy Muguruza

Descriptive Essay: My life in 2175




It is 6 am and my alarm sounded strongly to remind me that is time to work. Its a sunny spring morning and
I feel pretty relaxed after my last trip to Tarapoto in my flying and shining new car. This new model consumes
barely nothing of fuel and flies as a comet. I fond of this car since I bought it one year ago. But it is time to join
my project team again in the office to save the world.
We have been working the last three years in something cheap, fast and eco-friendly that allow us to recover
from all new diseases appeared after the over population in 21 st century. The outcome of this project is a
machine that can help us to clean and heal our body using the most advanced technology. The process can be
boring -3 or 4 hours lying on a bed can make you feel asleep- and even painful you cannot move because there
is just a small space and it can make your back to suffer- but the results are utterly impressive. You ultimately
become as healthy and strong as a young boy.
Anyways, this project is only a grain in the sand on the beach of things we must do to clean and recover
ourselves and our environment. Luckily, mankind understood that we got to clean and keep safe our planet. We
are focused on our goals and we hope to finish it in then months if everything goes as planned. Not only the
governments of Latin-American countries had economically supported this but also some European and Asian. It
required lots of money and disparate resources.
To conclude, we believe that initiatives like this will encourage others to imitate us at solving other problems.
We know how to do that and we have the appropriate technology even though our resources are limited and we
do not have enough time. All we want is to have this planet and people as they used to be in the past.

Persuasive Essay: Why you should join Ayuda

Social Peru

Imagine you are traveling through all Peru helping people and supporting auto-sustaining projects. Do you
think on learning about different cultures in our country and even get rewarded for it. There are some admiring
groups that can make it an inspiring reality. This proposals sound good, right? Let me show you one of these
organizations. Even though this is not so well-known, Ayuda Social Peru is one of the newest institutions in
Peru which has been connecting volunteers from all over the world who enjoys helping and traveling.


At first, we know there are many places where passionate volunteers are needed. Although you are going
to be far from home for a while, you could visit many cities and learn about their singular customs. It can be a
challenging experience specially if you have not traveled or you do not like to do it. Another thing to mention is
that surely you are going to have little money but people from there will be grateful with you for devoting your
time. Help is required in hospitals, schools and many other places.


This organization was specially created to attract young people. For example is you are a intern in any
career it can help you to get some experience. Though it may be full-time consuming, you would apply to solve
real-life problems. Its also important to mention that though it is not mandatory, volunteers should be healthy
and preferably in good shape because they need energy to help and they travel and move pretty often.
As a conclusion, I urge young people to join these volunteer networks. Having these experiences is going to
be valuable and satisfactory for them. In spite of the fact that somebody could think it is boring, it will fulfill
your free time in an interesting way and all help will be much appreciated. We hope this encourage other
people to join Ayuda Social Peru and help others.

There was an epoch a few time ago when people when people had less contact with technology.
When letters were physical papers and if you wanted to talk with someone, you could only call to
his or her phone. Or if you wanted to listen some music or watch a movie you needed to carry
more devices with you. The last decades we watched the born and raising of some gadgets that
replaced the items we used to have for this purposes: smartphones and computers. They have
enhanced our lives in some aspects but also have triggered some problems for us.

One aspect in which these both devices have helped us is to keep in touch with our friends and
family. We can chat with them using social networks, written email or calling them with almost
no cost. However, it also made appear a new type of addiction for users who are constantly
checking it out waiting for new shared publications or comments. Some people even have
affected their real-life relationships because of this dysfunction. This is unappropriate and must
be corrected.

A second aspect in which these technological devices have became similarly important is the
news, advertisement and to play some media resources such as music, movies or our own
produced material. Nowadays we are in a virtual environment where we can know everything