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What kind of name is IDEO?

ideo- is the combining form of the word
idea, used in words like ideogram and
ideology. It’s not an abbreviation and it’s
not a foreign word. One of founders, Bill
Moggridge, discovered it while browsing a
dictionary. Considered spelling it lower-
case with a dash, but when Paul Rand
designed it’s first logo using capital
letters, people liked it so much that they
spelled it that way everywhere
we’re global design consultancy,
we create impact through design.
How do I inspired myself
and my company?

How do we make the

recession work
for us, and not
against us?

What can we do
differently tomorrow
Company Perspectives
• IDEO helps companies innovate. We design products, services,
environments, and digital experiences. 
IDEO identifies opportunities for innovation by understanding latent
user needs, technology factors, and business requirements for success.
We evaluate potential solutions through user observation and iterative
rapid prototyping. Our multidisciplinary teams include specialists in
human factors research; business strategy; industrial and interaction
design; environments design; mechanical, electrical, software, and
manufacturing engineering; design validation; and more. 

• IDEO's renowned culture and process of innovation has attracted the

attention of academics, companies, and journalists worldwide. At the
request of our clients, we offer IDEO U Innovation Workshops, an array
of customized workshops created to catalyze and enhance our clients'
own design processes. 


• For more than a decade, IDEO has

topped Business Week's list of all-time
winners of the Industrial Design
Excellence Awards, an annual feature
celebrating the strategic value of design.
In 2001, David Kelley and IDEO were
honored with the Smithsonian Cooper-
Hewitt Museum's National Design Award
for Product Design, recognizing our
outstanding contributions to the field of
design. In 1999, ABC's Nightline dedicated
an entire episode to IDEO's process for
innovation, following a multidisciplinary
team as they redesigned a consumer icon,
the shopping cart, in four days. 
Key Dates 

1969: Bill Moggridge launches London design
firm Moggridge Associates. 
1978: David Kelley forms Silicon Valley
design firm. 
1983: Kelley's group designs first computer
mouse for Apple. 
1991: IDEO Product Development is formed
by merger of David Kelley Design with ID Two
(Moggridge's second, U.S.-based business)
and Matrix Product Design. 
1999: ABC's Nightline documents IDEO
redesigning the shopping cart. 
2000: IDEO U is formed. 
1000 + 3 , 500
Patents issued
since 1978 interviews
in 2007

10 , 500
345 +
calls Awards won
in a year since 1991

Featured Work
the business of design thinking
ideo clients
ideo clients
ideo clients
ideo clients
5 steps
5 steps

•Fly on the wall

•Empathy Tool

1. Emphasize the empathy with the customer

5 steps

1. Emphasize the empathy with the customer

5 steps

2. Anything is Possible Brainstorm

5 steps

"quick and dirty prototyping,"

3. Visualizing solutions by creating actual protot

5 steps

3. Visualizing solutions by creating actual protot

5 steps
experiences (TEX)

4. Using technology to find creative solutions

5 steps

5. Doing it all with incredible speed

my mMode
AT&T mMode
mMode is launched in 2002
mMode is application to access information
via wireless

Problem :
customer were not signed-up
game plan
Recognize their problem
Brainstorm + Prototypes
my mMode

“easy to use, but offers key innovations”

My mMode Features

- organize frequently accessed services much like a

web browser's favorites list

- share mobile pages or sites with other mMode


- find content by category, popularity, date, and

through AT&T Wireless "personas"
What ’ s your most famous product?
That’s hard to determine! The Apple
Mouse is probably the most iconic
product, since it can truly be said to
have helped shape a new industry. But
the Crest Neat-Squeeze Tube was first
made 20 years ago and is still on the
market, and hundreds of millions have
been made. And then there’s the ABC
Nightline episode in which we designed
a shopping cart. It’s been shown to
classroom and industry groups all over
the world, making for a total of around
10 million viewers. Then again, lots of
people bought the Palm V when it came
out in 1999.
Rickson Sun / Chief Technologist