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Daniely Lins da Silva
SPC 1024

Did you know that Albert Einstein
couldnt read until he was nine?
What Walt Disney, Vice President Nelson
Rockefeller and Whoopi Goldberg have
in common?

What is it?

Neurological Disorder

An Umbrella term describing a number of other,

more specific learning disabilities.

Common types of learning


Public Perceptions of Learning Disabilities:

Misconceptions X Reality
Learning Disabilities are
easily diagnosed.
Learning Disabilities usually
correspond with a low IQ.
Learning Disabilities fade
with time.

Diagnosis typically evolves over

time and requires an accumulation
of information from several
sources, including a family history
of academic difficulties.
People with LD are of average or
above average intelligence.
LDs cannot be cured or fixed; it is a
lifelong challenge.

Support and Resources


IDEA assures a public

education to school-aged
children with diagnosed
learning disabilities.

By law, publicly funded

colleges and universities
must also remove
barriers that keep out
disabled students

Beyond School
The Americans with Disabilities Act
guarantees equal employment
opportunity for people with
learning disabilities and protect
disabled workers against job
Counselors at each State
Department of Vocational
Rehabilitation serve the
employment needs of adolescents
and adults with learning

Learning disabilities are neurological disorders under the same
umbrella, commonly mistaken with other types of disabilities and
stereotyped by majority of Society.
There is no cure for learning disabilities
With the appropriate support and resources available, it is
possible to have a normal life.

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