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This presentation is for us to know more

about chances of getting a jobs that related

in our chosen courses that is Mechanical
(Manufacturing).By doing this assignment
we have discovered how vast the chances
for us to be hired after our graduation and at
the same time we can prepare ourselves to
face the requirement to become a succesfull
professional engineer in the future.

By doing this assignment,we have done

a lot of research on jobs advertisement
and what we have found out are:
There are a lot of jobs waiting us if we
really work hard to become a professional
There are branches scope of engineer in
engineering field especially for us
mechanical engineering student.
The major requirement that are needed
to grab a job are technical skills, ICT skills
and Interpersonal skills.

In aspect of technical skills most company demand

A working experience,usually they needed an
engineer with 1-10 year and it must be related
with the job prospect.
The engineer also need to be familiar with tools,
machine and paper work for that kind of job.
Engineer who possess strong engineering and
analytical skills
Engineer with knowledge in basic statistical and
quality tools knowledge.

To become a success engineer ICT skills is one

of the skills that we have to mastered.This is
because most company try to find engineer with:

Strong computer literacy (MS project, Excel &

Knowledge of software such as e-Tank, Coade
Tank, PVElite, AutoCAD, CADWorx, CAESAR II,
Autopipe, Pipe Flow Expert, and other required
Skills in CNC Programming and Cutting Tools

If you asking me what makes us different from other

engineers , then the answer is interpersonal skills because
this is the only that will burst up our advantages to compete
with other qualify engineers .This is because most company
nowadays need an engineer whom:

Able to communicate effectively in English,Bahasa Malaysia

and other languages.
good communication skills with the ability to work
independently within a team..
Able to work under pressure
Experience in coordinating engineering contractor and claims
avoidance management desired
Independent and able to work under pressure and
multitasking environment
Leadership Skills

From our opinion base on the research that

we have done, most of the employer nowadays
are more passionate with a workers with strong
interpersonal skills. This is because:
The person with strong interpersonal skills
usually will have a great confidence with their
The company knows their position will be even
firm with the workers like this.
The company will be more eager to give the big
responsibility to this type of worker.

We can conclude that we as an employee in

engineering field must have many skills , not only
having a good CGPA but skills that cannot be learn
in classes or lecture halls that is a skill like the
interpersonal skills. Other skills, need more
improvement than what we have done in our
classes because we will compete with everyone
that have a same lesson that we have whether the
same skills, software, tools or machinery. Lastly,
we can said that a high CGPA is good but with
other skills it will be more promising in getting
what we yearning for.