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Element and

Fluency of

9 Core element of digital


Digital Access

Aiming for equal digital rights and access is where digital citizenship
starts to develop.

Technology users must be aware that not every person has the same
opportunities when it comes to technology.

Digital exclusion makes it difficult to grow as a society increasingly

using these tools.

Helping to provide and expand access to technology should be goal of

all digital citizens.

Digital Commerce

Is the buying and selling of goods electronically.

When users make more purchases online, they must understand how
to be effective consumers in a digital economy.

Legitimate and legal exchanges are occurring, but the buyer or seller
needs to be aware of the issues comes with it.

Digital Communication

Is electronic exchange of information by use of a media device

Has the ability to communicate with people in wide variety of ways like
email, cellular phones, instant messaging.

Digital Literacy

It is the process of teaching and learning about technology and the

purpose of technology and how to use it.

It basically shows the best ways to operate in a digital society and also
you can see cheapest and expensive way to communicate.

Digital Etiquette

It is the electronic standards of conduct or procedure.

This area is seen as one most difficult problem by technological user

when dealing with Digital Citizenship.

Digital etiquette for specific technology must be learn in order to have

appropriate behavior in using that technology

Digital Law

Actions and deeds have electronic responsibilities

It handle the ethics of technology in a society where ethical use of

technology would be operating by rule of the law and unethical use of
technology can result in a theft or a crime.

Digital Rights & Responsibilities

It is right and responsibility for every person in the digital world

Digital right of people are right to privacy and free speech

The responsibility people in digital world is that user of technology

must decide the best practice of using that technology

It the working rights and responsible that provide productive in the

digital world

Digital Health & Wellness

Its a person physical and mental (psychological) well-being when

interacting with the digital world.

Digital health and wellness can be gain if user of technology are

educated on how technology issue affect a person well-being

A person affected physical by technology if proper or no ergonomic are

applied during the use of technology this can result in eye safety,
repetitive stress syndrome and sound ergonomics pratices

Mental issues may internet or social media additions

Digital Security (self-protection)

Precautions of electronic technology (computer hardware and software)

that will guarantee it safety

In these days you cant trust any member in the community with your
own security so you must equip your home with security measures to
protect computer hardware from thefts. These measures may be
putting lock on doors .

Protect data and software on computer virus software device such USB
to make backups

5 fluencies of digital

Solution Fluency

When faced with problem it is the ability to think in a creative way on

how to overcome the problem in real time by defining the problem,
make an appropriate solution, delivering solution and after evaluate
process and outcome.

Creativity Fluency

Its a process where by a high degree of artistic skill adds meaning

through design, art, and story telling. When you add value to a product
by using innovative design though it form.

Collaboration Fluency

Its a team working at high degree in order to reach an unconscious

ability cooperatively working with virtual and real partners in an online
environment to overcome problems and make original product

Media Fluency

It is made up of two components

First its an ability to check analytically at any communication and

interpret its real information, or evaluate the desire result of chosen

Secondly allow and make original communications by sending to

receiver through medium device

Information Fluency

Its an ability to unconsciously and intuitively information in any kind of

form or format to result in extracting important knowledge,
authenticate it, and change it meaning and what it stands for.