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Proposed Research Topics

The Department of Family &

Community Medicine
San Lazaro Hospital

Mind the gap, After A Decade gone

TB trends in San Lazaro Hospital

Occupational lung disease: A

prospective general populationbasedstudyof respiratory work

Association between smoking and

tuberculosis infection: a population
survey in a high tuberculosis
incidence area

Guilty beyond reasonable doubt: a

case control study is neutrophil the
key effector cell in asthma?

Association between biomass fuel

and pulmonary tuberculosis: a
nested casecontrol study of
acquired tuberculosis due to LPG and
Biomass fuel.

Lifetime Medical Costs of Obesity:

Prevention No Cure for Increasing
Health Expenditure

Comparison between pathogen

directed antibiotic treatment and
empirical broad spectrum antibiotic
treatment in patients with
community acquired pneumonia: a
prospective randomisedstudy

Pink Puffer at your Service: A

prospective study and clinical
correlation of obesity, waist size and
prevalence of current asthma in
Hospital staffs of San Lazaro Hospital

A Glance at the Legacy of the past: A

retrospective Systematic Review
study on Reporting and Methods in
Clinical Research of the past
Residents who graduated and
finished their residency training at
San Lazaro Hospital.

Adult Mortality Attributable to

Preventable Risk Factors for NonCommunicable Diseases and Injuries
in patients of San Lazaro Hospital: A
Comparative Risk Assessment

Risk Factors for Death among Children

Less than 5 Years Old Hospitalized w
ith Diarrhea at San
Hospital 2016-2018: A Cohort Study

Child Mortality Estimation: A review

on accelerated Progress in Reducing
Child Mortality at San Lazaro
Hospital, 2008- 2018

Multivitamins and Nutrient

Supplements: Can they really
compensate for the deficiency need
and How Can They Combat Child

Serious and Life-Threatening Pregnan

cy-Related Infections: Opportunities
to Reduce the Global Burden

The Potential Impact of Pre-Exposure

Prophylaxis for HIV Prevention among
Men Who Have Sex with Men and
Transwomenin Walk in Patients at
the OPD department of San Lazaro

Ending Neglect of Older People in th

e Response to Humanitarian
Emergencies: A prospective study of
elderly and senior citizens that
comes at San Lazaro Hospital

Mobile Phone Text Messaging and

Social Media: Tool for Rabies Control
and Support for the advocacy of antirabies The Impact of eHealth
on the Quality and Safety of Health
Care: A Systematic Overview

A Simple Novel Method for

Determining Mortality Rates in HIV
Treatment at San Lazaro Hospital.

Scaling Up Diarrhea Prevention and Tr

eatment Interventions: A Lives Saved

Mapping the Risk of Anaemia in

Preschool-Age Children: The
Contribution of Malnutrition and
Helminth Infections in Patients of San
Lazaro hospital

Medical Students' Exposure to and At

titudes about the Pharmaceutical Ind
ustry: A Systematic Review

Poor Diet in Shift Workers: A New Oc

cupational Health Hazard?

Cardiovascular Risk with NonSteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs:

Systematic Review of PopulationBased Controlled Observational