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Review your knowledge of Cold War dates by playing this game.

Extension use the

timeline on p.viii-x in your text book to test yourself on more Cold War events. Cover the
dates with a ruler and see how many you know.

Why did tensions

emerge between
the USSR and the

To review key Cold War events

To identify the differences
between communism and
To hold a debate on ideological

Your task

Paste this cartoon into

your notes. Label it:
1920s Bolshevik
cartoon entitled,
Comrade Lenin sweeps
the earth clean of scum
Identify what the
picture shows.
Explain how Western
leaders might have
reacted to this image
How accurate do you
think this depiction of
Lenins government

Your task

Read p.2-4 and think about the differences in

ideology between the USSR and the West.
Write the heading Communist and Capitalist
in your notes and summarise key characteristics
Extension: Your teacher will give you some
sound bites. Try to sort these into those spoken
by someone from the West and someone from
the USSR. Can you categorise the differences?
Which one of the ideas do you think was likely to
cause the biggest tension?


Lenin & Marx architects of Communism

promoted worldwide revolution
Opposed exploitation of industrial working
classes (proletariat) by middle-classes /
Supported nationalisation of industry & centrally
planned economy
Single party state Communist Party
Promoted class unity rather than nationalism
Conflict between communism & capitalism

Capitalism / West

Believed in change through reform,

e.g. extending franchise
Upheld key freedoms of liberal
democracy, e.g. free elections, broad
franchise, freedom of speech
Supported free enterprise
Multi-party politics
Accountable government

Your task

Early archive footage of

President Thomas
Woodrow Wilson (191321)

Read p.5 on Wilsonian

liberalism. What was so
important about his
Fourteen Points (1918)?
Read Source B and
answer the Skills
Builder questions 1-4 on
Extension task.
Research into Woodrow
Wilsons life. What
explains the views he
adopted in the Fourteen

Your task

You are going to hold a Question Time style debate. There will be
panellists representing communist, capitalist and socialist views.
Members of the audience will be given a role card to ask
questions from their perspective. Extension did the distance
between the US & USSR vary during Cold War?


Read p.6-8 and take notes on the

causes of tensions between USSR
and the West before the end of
Supplement your notes on the
ideological differences between East
and West using the extracts provided
by your teacher


What happened on these dates:

1945, 1947, 1955, 1962, 1979, 1989
Key words : Bolshevik Comintern
Give 5 examples of differences between
communism and capitalism
Extension question: Was there any
common ground between communism
and capitalism?

Extension reading

Read p.1-10 in Cold War by Jeremy

Isaacs & Taylor Downing and note
down any evidence to suggest that
ideological differences would play a
major role in Cold War tensions