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2 Oracle Projects
Cost Break Down
Overview Oct-2013
Updated Jan-2016

Cost Break Down Structure Overview
CBS Configuration
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The Cost Break Down Structure is a new feature of the Project

Management module of Oracle EBS R12.2
The Cost Break Down Structure (CBS) provides an additional element to
the existing project structures - Work Break Down Structure (WBS) and
Resource Break Down Structure (RBS)
The CBS is defined once and used across multiple projects to track cost
It is now possible to plan by cost code, enter actuals against a cost code
and generate forecast by cost code

WBS Activity Breakdown

CBS Cost Breakdown
RBS Resource Breakdown

CBS Overview - Planning

Resources are
assigned to cost

Same resource can

be assigned to
multiple Cost Codes

CBS Overview - Planning

View Workplan and financial plan




CBS Configuration

CBS Setup

Enable CBS

Apply patch 16883942:R12.PA.Cto set the profile PA: Enable Projects for Cost Breakdown
Planning to Yes


CBS Cost Categories - PA_CBS_COST_CATEGORIES Lookup

Cost Attributes for cost categories Lookup
CBS Levels and assigned cost attributes

Enable CBS Structure on project

Select active CBS structure

CBS Configuration PreReq

CBS functionality is available from R12.2.2

Apply patch 16883942:R12.PA.Cto set the profile PA:
Enable Projects for Cost Breakdown Planning to Yes

CBS Configuration CBS

Create CBS Categories (Levels) and Cost Attributes

CBS Configuration CBS


Assign form function PA_CBS_DEFINE to menu

Assign form function

to the menu

Create CBS using the new menu function

CBS Configuration CBS

Create Hierarchy levels and assign cost attributes

Notice code
structure for 2nd

Max 5 levels

CBS Configuration CBS

Enable CBS Structure on project and select active CBS


User will select combination of Task and Cost Code and not
only task when entering project transactions in Payables,
Purchasing, Oracle Time and Labour and iExpenses.
Users can assign higher level CBS cost codes to resource
assignments and later select lower levels of CBS
Cost Codes need to be added to a task to be available for
selection for the task using the task setup page
Cost Codes can not be assigned to events, billing or
Projects can not be upgraded to use CBS functionality only
newly created projects can use the CBS functionality
CBS can not be changed on a project with resource
assignments or actuals
A CBS can not be assigned to a Program

Considerations - Continued

When using CBS functionality for a project the following

functionality is not available:

Oracle Projects Grants Management

Enhanced Labour Costing (Payroll integration for labour costing)
For cost breakdown planning enabled projects, you must use the client
extension hooks to allocate costs (Cost Allocations)
Integrated budgets or budgets with budgetary controls. You must log in to Self
Service Web Application (SSWA) to create financial plans.
Inter-project billing (Receiver task not available for CBS enabled project)
(Available from R12.2.5)
MS-Projects Integration
Purchasing deliverable actions in project management
Integrate a cost breakdown planning enabled project with the following
applications: Oracle Asset Tracking, Oracle Project Manufacturing, Oracle
Inventory, and Oracle Payroll
Baseline Funding Without Budget check box.
Forecasts from a staffing plan as the staffing plan does not have any cost code
A project can not be enabled as a program if cost breakdown planning is
enabled for it.

Considerations - Continued
Technical Overview
Relevant Tables:

PA_TASKS This table holds the Project Task Information

PA_ALTERNATE_TASKS This table holds the combination of Task and CBS
PA_RBS_ELEMENTS This table holds the CBS Structure (Also used for Resource Breakdown

SQL Statement to get the Task CBS combination

select a.alt_task_id task_id, t.task_id pa_task_id, e.rbs_element_id cbs_element_id, t.task_number,
e.level_code cost_code, e.cost_code_name, t.task_number||' - '||e.level_code task_CBS
from pa_tasks t, pa_alternate_tasks a, pa_rbs_elements e
where t.task_id = a.proj_element_id
and a.cbs_element_id = e.rbs_element_id

If a project is CBS enabled the sub modules will use a.alt_task_id as task_id
In PA_EXPENDITURE_ITEMS_ALL - task_id is the task_id from PA_TASKS and cbs_element_id
is the cbs_element_id in PA_ALTERNATE_TASKS

About the author

Matthew Bezuidenhout is a Chartered Accountant

with 16+ years experience implementing and
supporting Oracles E-Business Suite specializing
in Oracle Projects

Contact e-mail address: