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Clinical Research Associate

Clinical Research Associate Training | Jobs In

PuneThe way medical research is being done
and the need to develop new drugs are
changing like never before. Working as a
Clinical Research Associate(CRA) is a very
exciting and stimulating job. This site is to
enhance your knowledge regarding CRA
trainings forwarded by CRB Tech . A Clinical
Research Associate (CRA) is a health-care
knowledgeintensive.The expertsfind their place in
private andgovernmentsectors.

A clinical research associate (CRA) runs clinical trials to test

drugs for their effectiveness, risks and benefits to ensure they
are safe to allow on to the market. They may work on new as
well as existing drugs and are usually employed by either a
pharmaceutical company or a contract research organization
(CRO) which works on behalf of pharmaceutical companies.
The CRA will typically be involved in all stages of the clinical
trial, including identifying an investigation site and setting up,
initiating, monitoring and closing down the trial.
Clinical trials may be carried out at various stages or phases
and include trials on healthy humans, trials on patients with a
disease, and studies conducted after the launch of a new
drug to monitor safety and side effects.

The responsibilities are assigned to

develop and write trial protocols and present trial protocols to a steering committee
design data collection forms, known as case report forms (CRFs)
coordinate with the ethics committee
identify and assess the suitability of facilities to be used as the clinical trial site and a
proficient investigator
set up the trial sites and monitor the trial throughout its duration
verify that data entered on to the CRFs is consistent with patient clinical notes, known as
source data/document verification (SDV);
collect completed CRFs from hospitals and general practices
close down trial sites on completion of the trial
discuss results with a medical statistician, who writes technical trial reports
archive study documentation and correspondence
prepare final reports and occasionally manuscripts for publication

The skill sets you need to have for a CRA are

excellent communication skills (both written and oral) and the ability to build effective relationships


accuracy with numbers and detail oriented

multitasking and decision maker

good organizational, IT and administrative skills

In addition, you must understand the importance of good clinical practice (GCP), which is now law
throughout the world. A clean driving license is usually essential for travel between trial sites and
your office.
In India, a CRA requires to gain knowledge about schedule Y amendments in drug and cosmetic act


Bachelors or masters degree

Job Skills

Highly organized, analytical, decision maker,problem-solving, maths and statistical knowledge

Jobs In Pune
With the many ongoing progressive researches in
Pune, the demand of a CRA is increasing.
In the race of many institutes and
organizations CRB Tech Solutions has it own
name in offeringClinical Research Training.
Clinical Research review byCRB Solutionsis
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