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Strategy to Action


Pioneering Online Development

1990s 2010
Online revenue growth

Prior to 1997

15 0

12 0
Online revenue ( EM )




14 18 21 30 48 49 59 71 92 116 138 16 0 15 1 16 4

1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010
Growth Engines
We have 5 business models driving growth :

eRecruitment Recovery in economy

Continuing migration to online

Face - to - Face Great potential in conferences

New sectors and growing existing events

Data Services Continuation of stellar growth

Extending propositions in new areas
Technical upgrade and new functionality

Online Lead Generation Exciting new growth area

Huge customer demand
New geographies / new sectors

Community Sites Recovery in economy

Revenue from traffic growth
Funnel strategy

£ recruitment

white papers
event delegates
print subscriptions

£££ data services

What is expected of me?

for winning
Win your competitive battles

Listen and deliver for customers

Innovate to improve products and
processes – challenge status quo

Be flexible so that we can

to adapt to change
Support colleagues and work across
the business , not just in “ silos ”
Value our
Speed of action will be critical

What will success look like?

75% of our revenues online

50% of revenues from readers/users
A company that staff are proud to work for
Winning our competitive battle
Continually improving NPS scores
Consistent track record of innovation
Combined digital and print solution gives us
competitive advantage

Back to consistent revenue growth 6 %- 10 % per annum

Mission for
Our Mission
“To be first
choice for
business “To meet customer challenges by
information &
marketing defining & communicating
solutions” propositions using data,
technology and creative thinking
in order to engage prospects and
deliver profitable customer
acquisition, retention and
preference for RBI branded
How are we made up?
Brand & product Specialist services
•Marketing strategy •Research & UX (RB
•Proposition Insight)
definition •Analytics
•Campaign planning •Search Marketing
•Lead Generation •Database Marketing
•Email marketing
•Subs Marketing •Email Newsletters Ops
•Competitor •
monitoring •
•Budget management •

Market - focused ,
conversion Specialists
marketing experts functions ,
Internal partners
with knowledge & Publishing Management, IT, Sales, providing tools
input to the Sales Ops, Editorial, Business Dev, and processes to
propositions and HR, Finance, Procurement support
strategy execution
Critical suppliers
QSS, Esco, Eloqua, Salesforce, Dreammail,
Creative Network
Key Themes for 2010

Understanding & anticipating

 Dependencies
Insight & better decisions

Knowledge, skills &
 behaviours
Reaching the right prospects in a

relevant & effective way Stakeholders, customers &
Generating & managing qualified leads,
 suppliers
applications, subs, visitors

Technology, training, research
Measuring the impact and

demonstrating the business value of Technology

Adoption of technology
Insight, optimization & ROI

 Automating the marketing process

Increased productivity, better customer

experience, competitive advantage

Goals for 2010 – what we’d
like to say on December 31st
• Voice of customer
• Product innovations have been hardwired into our
launched successfully culture
• A range of innovative creative • New web analytics tool
suppliers appointed successfully
• Best practice in funnel conversion
applied to major funnels • Strengthened our
analytics and data
• Eloqua has changed the way we team
work with customers and
sales • Defined and implemented
DiAmond successfully
• Good practice in lead generation
applied to our advertiser • Moved successfully to the
markets fifth floor
2010 People
 Knowledge: Digital marketing
communications, online lead
Understand &
Share best practice
 How can we encourage
collaboration & spread best
Priorities generation customers practice in marketing?
How can we track changing
Behaviours: ‘Can Do’, thirst for Monthly team meeting – trading &

knowledge, an interest in customer problems, needs, views & case study focus
technology perceptions? Lead Generation Sharing Group
Recommend & NPS
Skills: Tools, copywriting,, Magazine Subscription Sharing
Deep Insight
analytics, communication, planning B2B marketing spend & intentions
Suppliers Digital Marketing Conference
Product development/innovation
Technology - Igoogle tab, Groups
research Future Box – for new ideas

Target & reach Customer Experience Work with Sales

prospects How can we ensure users have a How can we work with both usage &
Generate and manage: superior experience across all advertising sales to drive
Qualified leads touch points? customer acquisition, retention &
Job applications development?
Awareness & lead generation
Eclassified leads

Subscriptions campaigns
Sales tools
Affiliate sales
Market analysis
Event visitors
Customer events

Optimise marketing Define innovative Exploit Technology ,

spend & ROI propositions data & analytics
Which KPIs are the right ones to How can we input into Product Which technologies do we need?
track & monitor? Dev? How can we use the tools
How can we get the most from our Customer Lead Generation effectively?
budgets & know when to invest 360 Marketing Eloqua – campaign automation

more? ICIS, Xpert, Flight, EGI Salesforce.com – CRM

eRecruitment ED/Diamond – Storage

eClassfied Viper – A&E

Dreammail – email distribution &

Web Analytics – HTBX replacement

We’re all older, wiser and stronger

Exciting time to be at RBI and to be in

Marketing is at the heart of the strategy

But success will only come from brilliant

New tools and techniques will give us

competitive advantage