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Linear Procedures in

Seismic Performance
Analysis of Different
Vertical Structures in
Valenzuela City
Kenneth Cabacungan
Angelina Cruz
Althea Delos Santos
Christine Grace Villarazo
B.S. Civil Engineering

As per recent joint studies conducted by local and foreign
institutions (JICA, MMDA, & PHIVOLCS), a 7.2-magnitude earthquake
can occur anytime when the West Valley Fault moves in Metro
Manila with the effects being felt more likely in cities where the fault
traverses. Although the effect will be more subtle, it will be
experienced as well in areas relatively far from the fault and these
areas include the city of Valenzuela. This research aims to help in
disaster mitigation and information by providing a rough evaluation
of the general seismic performance of the city. Linear analysis of
selected vertical structures in the city will be performed. Each of the
chosen structures will serve as a case study and based on findings,
the owners will be proposed with a solution, as well as the local
government will be informed for further study and implementation
to the whole city.

Many studies are made about the nature disaster which is called
The Big One. Despite on all the earthquake drills that the
government conducts, one major factor that can cause major
damages are the collapsing of structures. Consequently, this
research aims to know the structural analysis of the different
structures in Valenzuela City having different characteristics and
located at three different places by using linear procedures.

The result will be used to provide recommendations to confirm the
following research objectives:
To determine the safety factor of living on the subject structure.
The weakest part of the subject structure. Its correlation to other
structures in Valenzuela City.
To analyze if the old structures needs to be modified based on the
latest NSCP.
To develop a research that can give contributions to other studies
about structural analysis.

Scope and Limitations

This research focuses on analyzing the seismic performance of
different vertical structures by using linear procedures in structural
analysis. Thus, this will only be limited on structures in Valenzuela
city built under the specifications of NSCP 2001 and/or 2010. Three
different structures in different places in Valenzuela with different
characteristics and conditions will be the main subject of this
1. A vertical structure built on elevated ground
2. A vertical structure built as centre of commerce; and if available
3. A vertical structure built near (within the 10-km near-fault zone)
major fault


Progress and Scheduling

Mind Map

Frequently Encountered Issues

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