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Managing The

School Paper

Campus Papers in Philippine

Republic Act 7079, or Campus Journalism Act of
1991, Section 2,Declaration of Policy: It is the
declared policy of the State to uphold and protect
the freedom of the press even at the campus level and
to promote the development and growth of campus
journalism as a means of strengthening ethical values,
encouraging critical and creative thinking, and
developing moral character and personal discipline of
the Filipino youth. In furtherance of this policy, the
Stateshall undertake various programs and projects
aimed at improving the journalistic skills of students
concerned and promoting
responsible and free journalism.

Campus Papers in Philippine Society

Student Publications (Definition of
Terms): The issue of any printed material
that is independently published by, and which
meets the needs and interests of, the
Student Publications (Section 4): A
student publication is published by the
student body through an editorial board and
publication staff composed of students selected
but fair andcompetitive examinations.

School Paper Values

must stimulate properly guided, fact
based, and intuitive free speech.
must follow the highest ethical
must provide space for well thought
writing and inspired creative work.
must champion Filipino ideals and
must serve the students.
must be socially aware.

Key Issues
The campus paper must be a space where
expression, ethics, creativity, values, and
awareness are to be strengthened.
The State encourages the development of
Campus Papers and the promotion of freedom of
expression; however, this has to be seen in
perspective, and must also be negotiated with
the vision and mission of the school.
Staff members have to be selected fairly through
competitive examinations.

Workshop 1: The Campus Papers Vision and Mission

1. Do your campus papers have

vision and mission statements?
2. How were these formulated?
(traditionally passed on; recently
created because of the creation of an
organizational constitution;
adapted for the paper by the school)

Workshop 1: The Campus Papers Vision and


3. Who were involved in the

formulation of the campus papers
and mission statements?
4. How aligned are your vision and
mission statements with that of the

Workshop 1: The Campus

Papers Vision
5. On a scale of 1-10 (1 being the lowest,
10 being the highest), gradeyour
responsiveness to your respective vision
and mission statements in terms of:
Editorial Content and Variety
Currency to School Concerns and Issues
Ethical Practice
Recruitment and Training


Lecture of Prof. Louie Jon A. Sanchez
Department of English, Ateneo de
Manila University in Baguio City
Guide on Campus Journalism