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Mash Up Objects



Mash Up: something created by combining elements from two or more

Concentric: when an artwork of two or more things having a common
Concept: a scheme; a plan. An idea.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dada: an artistic and literary movement that grew out of dissatisfaction
with traditional social values and conventional artistic practices during
World War I (191418). Dada artists were disillusioned by the social values
that led to the war and sought to expose accepted and often repressive
conventions of order and logic by shocking people into self-awareness.
Surrealism: A literary, intellectual, and artistic movement that began in
Paris in 1924 and was active through World War II. Influenced by Sigmund
Freuds writings on psychology, Surrealists, led by Andr Breton, were
interested in how the irrational, unconscious mind could move beyond the
constraints of the rational world. Surrealism grew out of dissatisfaction
with traditional social values and artistic practices after World War I.

Salvador Dal (1904-1989)

Salvador Dal was born on May 11,
1904, in Figueres, Spain.
From an early age, Dal was
encouraged to practice his art and
would eventually go on to study at an
academy in Madrid.
In the 1920s, he went to Paris and
began interacting with artists such
asPicasso,MagritteandMir, which
led to Dal's first Surrealist phase.
He is perhaps best known for his 1931
paintingThe Persistence of Memory,
showing melting clocks in a landscape
The rise of fascist leader Francisco
Franco in Spain led to the artist's
expulsion from the Surrealist
movement, but that didn't stop him
from painting.
Dal died in 1989.

Lobster Telephone, 1936

Steel, plaster, rubber, resin and paper
-This is a classic example of a
Surrealistobject, made from the
conjunction of items not normally
associated with each other, resulting
in something both playful and
- Dal believed that such objects could

rcel Duchamp (1887-1968)

Duchamp led the
AmericanDadamovement together
with his friends and collaborators
Picabia and Man Ray.
By challenging the very notion of what
is art, his first ready-mades sent
shock waves across the art world that
can still be felt today.
In his insistence that art should be
driven by ideas above all, Duchamp is
generally considered to be the father
Duchamps refusal to follow a
conventional artistic path, matched
only by a horror of repetition which
accounts for the relatively small
number of works Duchamp produced
in the span of his short career,
ultimately led to his withdrawal from
the art world.
In later years, Duchamp famously
spent his time playing chess, even as
he labored away in secret at his last
puzzling masterpiece, which was only

Bicycle, 1915

Mash Up Objects Assignment

1. Sketchbook:
-Practice drawing 2 combined objects that
usually dont typically go together. Show
2. Final Draft Requirements:
-In pencil first, draw/ combine 2
untraditional objects LARGE (Fill most of
your page with your objects.)
-Color the ENTIRE PAPER (Objects &
background)SOLID (Color dark and in one
direction.) * No white spaces.
-Use color sticks or your own materials
-Outline details in sharpie (optional)
3. Write your first/last name, grade & class
period on the back of your artwork!
4. Try your best! Show craftsmanship!
5. Clean up your work space, put all
materials back in color table caddy, put
artwork/sketchbooks in assigned color
table bins.

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