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Day In Life Day in Life Import NewsPrint Procurement

Hello !! Meet the team to complete Procure to Pay Process

Procurement Executive



Finance Executive

Stores department @ SAKSHI will do Planning for

procurement of frequent required NewsPrint (Import) at

Sometimes, Production team raises request to

procure reels with parameters like width of reel,

Procurement Executive calls the Vendor for price


Post negotiations he logs into SAP & checks

for the Vendor existence. If a new vendor, he
will send VRF(Vendor Registration Form) to
gather vendor information

If the vendor doesnt not exist in SAP duly filled

Vendor Requisition Form (VRF) from Vendor is sent
to the MDM team


MDM team will create vendor (T-code XK01) in the system. On

creation Commercial Manager will be informed about the
Vendor creation

Procurement Executive needs to check if material

master exist for material that is been procured.
Material Master

If material master does not exist, new material master

needs to be created.
MDM team will create material (T-code MM01) in the system.
On creation Procurement Team will be informed about the
material creation

Procurement executive then logs into the system and

creates the PO with the agreed price (T-code:ME21N).

PO number

First Approver:
1. PO value will comprise of
Qty and Price of NP
2. Insurance value
3. Customs Clearing Charges

SAP will generate unique PO number and trigger the

release strategy for approval.

Approvers logs into the SAP system(T-code:ME29N) to

approve PO. Approver may also reject the PO.

PO number

Final Approver:

PO will be completely approved once approved

by Final Approver(Director)

Finance Executive makes an Advance payment to

vendor as per the terms of payment


F-47 DP request

No accounting entries

F-48 DP Payment

Vendor a/c (SPL GL)

Bank a/c


Finance Executive will then logs to into SAP to make Advance

(T-code: F-47, F-48, F-54)

Before the goods are received at plant, we should

clear the customs goods lying at port.


Custom Clearing Agent Cr

Custom Clearing GR/IR - Dr

Finance Executive logs into SAP to post invoice for Customs

clearing agent
(T-code: MIRO)

In SAP system, NewsPrint will be first received at HO in

batches. Procurement Executive will enter Goods Receipt
Note(T-code MIGO)

Delivery costs like Freight, Insurance, Custom Clearing

charges will be loaded on stock account.
Dr - Stock Account
Cr- GR/IR Clearing Account
Cr Insurance GR/IR
Cr - Custom Clearing GR/IR

On receipt of Invoice, Finance Executive will log into SAP

and do the Logistic Invoice verification with reference to the
PO (T-code MIRO)

We have already made advance payment to

Foreign Vendor. In MIRO, DP clearing will be
Accounting entry:
Dr - Vendor a/c
Cr - Vendor a/c (SPL GL)

Invoice Posting for Insurance Vendor

Accounting entry:
Dr Insurance GR/IR
Cr Insurance Company

Now as we have received stock at HO, we can transfer it to

other units.
To transfer NewsPrint to other units, Procurement Executive
STO Stock Transfer
at receiving plant will have to create
Order(T-code : ME21N)

Provide supplying plant(HO) and receiving

plant. We can also include delivery cost like
freight, etc. in STO PO

Next step, Procurement Executive at Supplying plant

(HO)will create outbound delivery note .
(T-code : VL10B)
Outbound Delivery

In Delivery note, select the batches/Reels that needs to be

transferred to receiving plant, enter picking quantity and
post goods Issue(T-code : VL02N)
Post Goods Issue

Cr - Stock account supplying plant

Dr - Stock account receiving plant
Cr Freight GR/IR account

Procurement Executive at Receiving plant will receive the

goods. (T-code : MIGO)
Good Receipt

Posting Invoice for transportation cost will be done by

Procurement Executive at receiving plant (T-code : MIRO)

Cr Vendor Account
Dr Freight GR/IR account

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