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Osaka, Dotonbori/Midosuji
Location:2-5-9 Shinsaibashi,
Size: 30.3 X W10.7m
Illuminated: Yes
Faces: North
DEC: 185,000+
Install: 0
Printing 0
Rent: 12.3 million Yen/month or 950,000Y / 2 weeks, + tax

Note: near Dotonbori and night scene. Faces Midosuji st.

Fashion boutique zone just north of sign. Creative subject
to approval. Cash upon display.

It is hard to see in this pictures. But there is possibilities that small

wrinkles will be upward and downward. This is because that the yellow
dots parts are pulled only by wires, not by round pipes.
It will affect other parts which is pulled by round pipes, like the bottom of
the curtain.
Please understand that the wrinkles can be noticed by its design and the
weather conditions; seasons.
There are only four illuminators. (for regular display) And we can not
expect its effectiveness since they are not for regular billboards. There are
no illuminators for upper side. Please see the left pictures for upper side of
night time illuminance.