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1.Importance of computer in business

2.Computer applications in various areas of business
3.Computer related jobs in business

Prof. Shraddha Jadeja

Computer plays an important role in business environment

as every organization adopts it in some form or the other to

perform the tasks in effective manner. In the past few years
rapid development in IT, particularly in communications,
electronic service networks, and multimedia have opened up
new opportunities for corporate. All these are contributing
towards new and effective ways of processing business
transactions, integrating business processes, transferring
payments and delivering services electronically. It has
affected the business in the following ways:

1. Office Automation
Computers have helped automation of many industrial and

business systems.
They are used extensively in manufacturing and processing
industries, power distribution systems, airline reservation
systems, transportation systems, banking systems, and so on.
Computer aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacture
(CAM) are becoming popular among the large industrial

2. Stores large amount of data and information

Business and commercial organizations need to store and

maintain huge records and use them for various purposes such
as inventory control, sales analysis, accounting, resources
scheduling and generation of management reports.
Computers can store and maintain files and can sort, merge or
update as and when necessary.

3. Improves Productivity
With the introduction of word processing software, Computers

have recently been applied to the automation of office tasks and

This is aimed at improving the productivity of both clerical &
managerial staff.

4. Sharing of data and information

Due to networking of computers, where a number of

computers are connected together to share the data and

information, use of e-mail and internet has changed the ways
of business operations.

5. Competitiveness
Computers offer a reliable and cost-effective means of doing

business electronically. Routine tasks can be automated.

The customers can be provided support round the clock, which

is 24 hours a day. With advancement in IT sector,

6. Security
To provide security to data and important computer programs,

almost every organization has some security programs to avoid

the illegal access of the companys information by unauthorized

7. Cost Benefits
The extensive availability of internet based information means

that companies have a wider choice of suppliers which leads to a

more competitive pricing.
Due to the presence of internet the role of the middleman becomes

less important as companies can sell their product or services

directly to the customer.
For Example : Dell

8. Marketing
Corporate engaged in e-business can take help of their

respective websites to create brand awareness of their products,

thus, creating new avenues of promotion of their products.
In addition, companies websites can also provide better services

such as after sales service to the customer.

For Example : All the Online shopping Website

Computer application in various

areas of business

MARKETING :- Computer is mainly used for sales

promotion, e.g. designing of advertisements.
Internet marketing (e-marketing).
Comparing the sales figure.
Studying the demand graph.
PRODUCTION :-It is used for making design of product.
CAD (computer aided design)

Computer application in various

areas of business
HUMAN RESOURCE :- Computer is used in keeping the records

of all the employees.

Recruitment and Selection.

FINANCE :- Helps in making the financial statement.

Comparing the financial statement of two year.

Preparing the BUDGETS.
Research and Development :-Used in different pharmaceutical


Research :-Used in different pharmaceutical companies.
Hospitals :- Mainly computer is used for keeping the record of

Inventory of medicines.

Diagnosis :-

CT scan.
Blood test.

Maintaining the record and storing the files instead of

manual record.
Internet banking (e-banking).
Transaction from ATMs.
Bank sell their insurance online.
Bank provides 247 online services.

Higher education :- All the universities and colleges are

furnished with computer labs.

Online education :- This can done with the help of computer
and internet.
Faculty usage.
School library.
Used to generate letters and documents.

Railways :- Computerized reservation and cancellation is

Online reservation, Schedule, Availability and fare, Position
of the train

Chatting /browsing.
Games etc..

Computer related jobs in business

sales and consulting, IT staff who support company networks

and work closely with business teams, Database staff for

financial and accounting systems (e.g. Oracle, SAP), financial
analysts, project managers, engineers, and accountants.
Data entry operator
System operator