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2.1 Overview of the study

Overall, the majority of respondents have provided feedback indicating they are
not comfortable or do not support the No Plastic Bag Day campaign at Tesco
Shah Alam. They are quite often out shopping groceries every Saturday for the
the holiday weekend. They are also aware of the campaign but do not ignore it.
Among them actually do not understand the objective of this campaign is held
for the benefit of the future of preserving the environment and the earth. Most of
the respondents are not comfortable to carry your own bags and at the same
time not willing to pay RM0.20 cents to buy a plastic bag.
General know that every Saturday is No Plastic Bag Day in Selangor. The
campaign was launched on 1st January 2011 and inaugurated by the State Exco
Elizabeth Wong, who is also the Chairman of the Standing Committee of
Consumer Affairs, Tourism and Environment at Tesco Shah Alam.
According to a press secretariat of the Selangor state government on the
implementation of the campaign, consumers are encouraged to bring a bag from
home because plastic bags will not be available to users. Instead the user will
be liable to pay 20 cents for each plastic shopping bags to encourage usage.
The fee will go to the charity fund that is subject to the social responsibility of
every company.


Restatement of Objectives

a) To identify the feedback towards No Plastic Day Campaign

Feedback from most of the public through research campaign No Plastic
Bag Day Campaign is negative because for them it is very inconvenient
having to carry his own bag while shopping. They prefer to buy groceries
and retail in Tesco, particularly on weekends than weekdays. This is
because on the weekends hypermarkets like Tesco will hold promotions on
household items are often bought by consumers.
They are not willing to pay the rate charged by the supermarkets of RM0.20
sen though they know that the payment will go to charities or welfare of the
whole of Malaysia. Even so, many customers who support this campaign
because they know it is beneficial to the environment and preserving the


Restatement of Objectives

b) To identify the impact of No Plastic Day Campaign

Effects of No Plastic Bag Day Campaign is able to educate people about the importance of
banning the use of plastic bags to protect the environment . According to experts , plastic
bags require 100 to 500 years to fully disposed of and if buried or burned will emit carbon
dioxide can increase the rate of climate change . It is estimated that every Malaysian to
produce 19,000 tons of solid waste per year and 24 percent of it is plastic .
Thus , the use of eco-friendly bags or other alternatives should be implemented in order to
reduce the use of plastic bags . Moreover, the price of the bag can be recycled or
Recyclable Bag the plastic bag was introduced at a price still makes people hesitate to buy
it. No doubt there are some people see as a profitable by buying recycled bags or also
known as " The big green bag" , but many still do not buy it because of the price factor . If
I'm not mistaken , it is about RM3 for each one . So if the price for this bag can be
reduced, I'm sure people will buy it and use it .
No Plastic Bag Day to have been accompanied and supported by organizations and large
supermarkets such as Giant , Tesco , SpeedMart 99, 7 - Eleven and others. However , the
campaign is not directly run by grocery stores , farmers' markets and so on . What I am
talking about here is still no comprehensive implementation and enforcement remains
weak. If the right wants to be the campaign, all parties should be aware of and alongside
this campaign . It does not matter tu not store customers like Giant and Tesco though , but
the implementation , awareness and support for the No Plastic Bag Day campaign should
be equally we run.

c) To recommend the solution to improve the campaign.

Among the steps that can be taken is to organize a campaign of 3R

(Reduce, Reuse and Recycle ) and no plastic bag campaign has been
run every Saturday since 2010 in shopping complexes and
In line with the measures taken by the government and the
authorities, Pharmaceutical Services Division, Ministry of Health
Malaysia ( MOH ) has taken the initiative to organize campaigns with
Go Green - Towards Green Earth Without Bag Plastikdi pharmacy .
With this campaign sidelines , giving plastic bags are no longer
made but patients are encouraged to bring their own bags to fill
their medications . For those who do not bring bags and badly
needed , alternatives to plastic bags will be available as a medicine
box , reusable bags from recycled materials ( recycled bag) or cloth
bags ( non-woven bag) . Promotional efforts undertaken by each
pharmacy to ensure that every patient know the campaign. The
campaign was carried out with the use of flyers , posters , word of
mouth or through the official opening of the Go Green at their
facilities .
The government should implement a campaign without plastic bags
as a whole , including the premises of smaller retail shops , street
stalls , food courts and eateries to create awareness among people
from all walks of life


Limitations of The Study

This study limited the Tesco hypermarket in

Shah Alam. Therefore, one of the limitations
of this research is the small sample size
used in this study whereby only 30
respondents participated in this study.
Study results may vary by region, the
population and the type of hypermarkets.
The day chosen for the respondent also can
make a difference in this study.