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Rayan Al Haddar

A Simple Example of Critical


Suppose you ask your friend whether

s/he wants to go to the cinema and
s/he replies, "I am very tired."

Naturally you would think that your

friend does not want to go to the
Critical Thinking

• Philosophers through out the

centuries had so many varied
definitions of critical thinking.
• It mainly consists of mental
processes with analysis and
What is Critical Thinking?

“Critical thinking is based on

concepts and principles, not on hard
and fast, or step-by-step,

Paul, R. and Elder, (2006) The Miniature Guide to Critical

Thinking: Concepts & Tools. ISBN 978-0944583104
Critical Thinking
Dr. Martin Luther King said:

“ The function of education,

therefore, is to teach one to think
intensively and to think critically…
The complete education gives one
not only power of concentration but
worthy objectives upon which to
Critical Thinking
• To be a critical thinkers , you should
gather Information from all senses:
– Verbal.
– Written Expressions.
– Reflection.
– Observation.
– Experience.
– Reasoning.
Critical Thinking

• People use critical thinking

• To make their own decisions.

• To solve problems of judgments.
Critical Thinking

Critical thinkers can not be sure that
they will
reach the truth or correct conclusions.
Why is Critical Thinking an

Using critical thinking, peoples

mentality have evolved through out
the years.
Who uses Critical Thinking?

• “Critical thinking is useful only in those

situations where human beings need to
solve problems, make decisions, or decide
in a reasonable and reflective way what to
believe or what to do.”(Robert Ennis)
How can you be a Critical
• First, you have to be willing to think, and
be able to think.

• Then you have to practice different

applications, whether in life or studies. As
a matter of fact the mind develops critical
thinking by solving problems and making
good judgments.
Critical Thinking Exercise
<Ship Wrecked!>

1 train leaves from NYC heading

towards LA at 100 mph. three hours
later, a train leaves from LA heading
towards NYC at 200 MPH. Assume
there's exactly 2000 miles between
LA and NYC. When they meet, which
train is closer to NYC?

When they meet, they're both at the

same spot, so they are both the
same distance from NYC..
• People would not have reached their
achievements in life without critical

• I believe that every person in this

world uses critical thinking. However,
the way people think critically varies
from one another.

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