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Assignment 1 Research

Managing people and

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Task requirements
Research the following topic and write a response of
approximately 1200 words:

Accessing the journal article

1. Cut and paste the title of the article into the search box on
the library home page.
2. Click on full text online.
3. Click on get article
Save the PDF version of the article.
Caligiuri, P. & Tarique, I. (2012). Dynamic cross-cultural competencies and global leadership
effectiveness. Journal of World
Business, 47, 612-622.

Thinking about the research

Read the Caligiuri & Tarique (2012) article before you look for
other references.
Before you read the Caligiuri & Tarique (2012) article look back
at the research question:
- Identify the key words in the question including successful,
environment, international experience, outside
- Ask yourself What information am I looking for in this

Getting started on reading

Pay attention to the abstract at the beginning of
the article.

Identify relevant sections of the text

Use a highlighter pen or underline the text of the article.
In each paragraph of the text try to identify the main idea.
It is often the first or last sentence.

Making notes
Read carefully the main ideas that you have highlighted. Try
verbally summarising the article in your own words.
Imagine explaining the article in simple language to
someone who has not read it.
Look back at the research question. Which main ideas in
the article relate to the question. For example, consider the
following questions:
What are dynamic cross-cultural competencies?
How might these competencies link to global leadership?
Which three competencies does this article examine? Why have these competencies been chosen by the authors?
What types of experience outside the organisation are mentioned?
What other factors do the authors think might be related to global leadership effectiveness?
How did the researchers collect their data? What were their findings?

Put the article away and try to write some notes in your
own words summarising what you have learned from the

Other resources
You must also find a minimum of 6 more references:
5 more journal articles + your text book. Remember that
you need to find a 21st Century example in your research.
When you use the library databases, select sources that are
scholarly (also called academic/peer-reviewed).
Please click on the link below to watch a video about
conducting research using Library One Search.

Please acknowledge your sources within the body of your

text (in-text references) and at the end (end-text). Follow
the APA guidelines in the ECU Referencing Guide.
Note that there are many useful resources, including other
video tutorials, for you in the Business Subject Guide on the
library site. The link is copied for you below.

Thinking and getting ready to write

Before you start writing you should consider all the
references that you have gathered. You should have
highlighted the texts (where possible) and made
notes on each.
Now, consider the following questions.
Do you have the right information to answer the question? Do
you have a
21st century example?
Do you have enough information to answer the question?

Consider your references.

Do they complement each other?
Do they agree or disagree with each other?
What do you conclude from these similarities and differences?

Planning your introduction

(120-150 words)

Make a general statement about

success in a global business
environment and its importance.
Introduce the idea of effective global
leadership and the competencies
that might be required for success.
Introduce the idea that competencies
can be acquired and developed (in
contrast to personality traits). Link
this to experiences inside and
outside the organisation.
Narrow to a thesis statement that
outlines your argument. Indicate
whether you agree or disagree with
the statement. Outline the main
themes of your argument. Make sure
you focus on international
experiences that are outside the
organisation. Mention the example

Building an argument using effective

Good paragraphs are based around one main idea. For clarity, this idea
is often expressed in the first sentence. We call this a topic sentence.
You should order your paragraphs according to the order suggested by
the thesis statement in your introduction. For example, based on your
reading of Caligiuri & Tarique, your thesis statement may look
something like this
This essay examines the importance of developing the dynamic cross-cultural competencies
of potential global leaders through both non-work related experiences and high contact
international experiences provided by the organisation.

Remember that you will be reading other references and these will
shape your argument and consequently impact on your thesis
statement. Do not simply copy the thesis statement provided by this
Having a clear thesis statement gives structure to your argument and
builds cohesion. It makes your work easier to read because from the
beginning the reader is clear about your position .

In academic writing, a good paragraph
has a clear topic sentence
expands and explains the topic sentence
often includes examples
has in-text referencing*
refers to more than one source of information
has a concluding sentence
*In this assignment you will be using APA referencing. The rules for
referencing according to APA are outlined in the ECU Referencing guide,
available through this link from the Library homepage.

Planning your conclusion

Link back to your thesis statement by
doing the following
Restate the idea that being
successful in the global world of
business is important and effective
leadership is critical.
Summarise the key ideas of your
argument. For exampleWhile
personality traits may predispose
some individuals to success as
global leaders, there are many
opportunities to develop essential
cross-cultural competencies for

Finish leadership
off with some
the implications for organisations
generally (or for the organisation you
chose as an example) and their
management teams. You might also
want to talk about the need for
further research into aspects of this

(100-150 words)

Please read the marking guide on

*There is also a specific marking rubric for this assignment on your BB site.

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