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Sarala Madam


Who is Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Elliot Zuckerberg

Founder, CEO & President of


His net worth is $100 million +

There's lots of stuff none of us have ever seen before.

That's good in some ways, but limiting in other ways.

Early Life

Born May 14, 1984 White Plains, NY

Grew up in Dobbs Ferry, NY
Parents Ed & Karen Zuckerberg
Father a dentist; mother a physician
Attended Ardsley High School
Graduated from Phillips Exeter Academy
(a private boarding school in NH)

Foundation for

While attending Exeter

- developed a program to assist workers in

this fathers office to better communicate

- built a version of the game Risk

- built a music player named Synapse


Microsoft & AOL tried to purchase

Synapse & recruit Zuckerberg

Facebook Launched

While at Harvard University

February 4, 2004, at the age of 19
- took the concept of the annual student
directory of headshots at Exeter and did
the same for Harvard, but then sent them
via the Internet to fellow Ivy League
schools; within 3 months, 45 schools and
over 100,000 people were using Facebook
- roommate Dustin Moskovitz assisted in
launching Facebook

Where did Facebook

get its name???
Referring to the annual student directory at
Exeter "The front cover says "The Photo Address
Book," but we all called it "The Facebook" all
the time because "The Photo Address Book"
was such a mouthful.
Thus, Facebook became a trademark word.

Why Facebook??

himself was always in a social circle


to create a site for

social networking


the site to be one that

people of all ages would find useful
in their lives and would be able to
connect with others.


that people being able to share the information

they wanted and having access to the information they
wanted is just a better world

Marks Page


Significance of
Facebook in Todays
Business World

Networking utility
Cash flow status through its advertising
Product/Business awareness

Facebook Facts

Over 330 million members

4th largest website
3 billion+ minutes are spent (or wasted) on
FACEBOOK - every day
Zuckerberg is the worlds youngest
billionaire $1.5+ million
In 2007, Zuckerberg sold 1.6% stake of
Facebook to Microsoft for $240 million
Zuckerberg dropped out of college