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And the LORD said, Behold, they are one people, and they

have all one language, and this is only the beginning of

what they will do. And nothing that they propose to do will
now be impossible for them.

Genesis 11:6

Being a

Cyber bullying is another form of bullying that is more

prevalent due increased access to cell phones and the
Internet. About 42 per cent of youth report being bullied
online. Approximately 69 per cent of teens own their own
computer, cell phone, and use social media.


The Hartford County Examiner reports that 1 to 10 kids that

are cyber bullied do not tell their parents. Only 1 of 5 cyber
bullying incidents is reported to authorities. The
Cyberbullying Research Center reported that mean
comments and spreading rumours are the most common
type of cyber bullying. Cyber bullying victims often have
low self esteem and are likely to consider suicide.


According to the American Association of Suicidology rates

for suicide among 10 to 14 year olds has grown 50 per cent
over the last three decades. Parents and educators should
know the signs of youth and teens at risk for suicide. This
can help save lives. Looking at bullying and statistics often
helps adults learn to see the problem before it become


A young male from Ireland named Joshua Unsworth hanged

himself after frequent cyber bullying on a social network
that he belonged to. He was teased about his father being a
farmer and peers made fun of his dating habits. This
constant barrage of bullying lead to depression and suicide.


of the Internet

Having a blog with Facebook, Twitter, Friendfeed and

Flickr accounts along with some forums and 2-3 email
accounts is about the norm these days. To keep all your
friends and contacts happy, you will need to keep
everything fresh and updated, and that requires a lot of time
and effort. To simplify the task you will have to aggregate
your accounts and then consolidate your email accounts
into one by using mail forwarding.

1. Thou shall be omnipresent

Whether its Google, Facebook or any other company they

will not be vigilant about protecting your privacy. So the
user needs to be responsible for making sure his privacy is
protected by reading about any changes, checking the news,
or just making sure he has the correct settings to suit their

2. Thou shall not trust others to

protect their privacy

While using the internet, make sure you are always

aware of what you are clicking on, and where it will take
you. Be sceptical of anything that comes out of Nigeria, and
never believe that you won free stuff that you never
registered for.

3. Thou shall be the phish that got


All too often, people forget that their parents are on their
Facebook account when they change their relationship
status to in a relationship. Thou shall be careful with his
mouth on the net and count to 10 before posting.

4. Thou shall be careful of what they

say and who sees it

The internet is there to allow people to reach out to others,

extend a hand, an ear or a buck. When reaching out, you
can connect to that long lost 3rd grade friend, a fellow kpop
fan or feed a famish child in the developing world.
Whatever it is you want to do, it helps to establish new
relationship with other netizens.

5. Thou shall connect and reconnect

The vilest creatures of the web shall not be fed or

entertained. Trolls tend to lurk on the internet to cause
mayhem and corrupt the righteous. They are the ones
posting first on blogs, throwing ad hominema attacks and
just acting crazy. They are committed to the dark side and
will not dissuade from their evil. Therefore, no matter how
tempted you might be to try and correct them and save
them, you SHALL not. They will only grow more vicious.

6. Thou shall not feed the troll or be


When the end of the world 2012 hit the PH netizens around
the world declared it to be a hoax, for they already saw the
proof that it is not reliable. Like anything else on the net,
you will need to consult other sources and scour the
testaments of the Google to make sure and verify the
authority of a piece of information.

7. Thou shall not believe everything

they read on the net

Every once in a while you will need to disconnect yourself

from the net and go into the wild. Rediscover reality and
bring back all those raw thoughts back with you to the net.
That will refresh you and allow you to wind down. That
means not wireless connections, no blackberries, and
preferably no cellphones. Role play how it feels to be a
denizen from the 80s, use a land line, wear florescent jump
suites and let that mullet loose.

8. Thou shall disconnect