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Adolf Hitler and the Nazis

Became chancellor of Germany in
Believed Germans were racially
Hitler formed Germany into a
fascist totalitarian state.
Hitler and the Nazis believed in an
Aryan race.
A race thought to be superior.
If you tell a big enough lie and tell it
frequently enough, it will be believed.
-Adolf Hitler

Nazi Germany usually the term referring to the

years between 1933-45.

What is genocide?
The deliberate killing of a large group, especially those of
a particular ethnic group or nation.

Discussion: How does one group grain power over


Genocide in
1. Blame Jews for
Germanys downfall after
World War I.
2. Convince the adults
3. Influence the children
4. Intimidate the minority
He alone, who owns the
youth, gains the future. A
What did Hitler mean by

5. Take away their rightsremoved Jewish businesses,
forced to wear identifiers
6. Segregate them into
7. Imprison minority groups
8. Kill them off.

Targeting Jewish
Boycotting Jewish businesses
Night of Broken Glass
Nuremberg Laws: Nazi established
laws to exclude German Jews from
Reich citizenship and
them from marrying people of German or related blood.
Jewish people were placed in segregated area surrounded
by barbed wire.

The Final Solution: millions
deported to camps and used
technology for mass killings.

Concentration camps:
guarded compounds for the
detention or imprisonment of
Jewish people
Death camps


6 million Jews and other

undesirables were
murdered before WWII ended

Stop and think.

Imagine we are in 1943 Germany. Depending on
who you were, what would your life look like?
Share with a different partner for about 2 minutes.

I am writing this as if
nothing has happened. As
if I were in an army,
experienced in cruelty.
But Im young, Im 14,
and I havent seen much
in my life. Now I am
terrified when I see
uniforms. Im turning
into an animal; waiting to
die. One can lose ones
mind thinking about this.
Laskier, 1943.

Liberation from Concentration

Auschwitz was the largest death camp it was liberated in 1945 near
the end of World War II.
Soviet soldiers only found malnourished individuals.
Nazis forced other prisoners to
participate in death marches
before they could be saved.

About 6 million people were

murdered during the Holocaust.

Life after the war

Jewish survivors had to try to rebuild their
lives, but it was not that simple.
Many survivors were now homeless; some
migrated to west through Europe and housed in refugee
1945- President Truman loosened immigration restrictions into the
Over 40,000 people immigrated into the U.S.

Stop and think

Exit Slip: Can an event similar to the Holocaust
take place in 2016? Why or Why not?