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TimberRite Hardware Training

Dubuque January 2008

Brett Kaye Automation Specialist

TimberRite Hardware: Content




HP07 Screen

Care of HP07





Joystick Interface


Danfoss Joysticks (600 Series only)

Installed machine base

Electrical Drawings

TimberRite Hardware : HW Overview

TimberRite Hardware : HW Overview

Taken from the latest

TimberRite30 parts manual
Based on a Non-Integrated Machine

WA110345 / F645266
WA110341 / F645128
WA102551 / F644790

TImberRite30 System
English Keyboard
USB Touchpad
Key Switch Assy
Crossfire / Terminal Box Assy
Boom Cable
6 Pin Deutsch Plug
Battery Cable
Fuse Holder
PC Pilot
USB M12 Cables
CAN Cable
Danfoss HHM
Mark2 HHM

TimberRite Hardware: HPC07 PC Pilot

Quick Information
Manufacture CCS Sweden
Windows XP environment
Processor 1.6 GHz
Rotating Hard drive 40GB
Replaceable Hard Drive (Parts order)
Ram 256Mb
Protection - IP67
4 USB inputs
Operating Temperature Range -40C to +65 C
External Cooling Fan (Must be Running)
USB Stick provided with every system

TimberRite Hardware: HPC07 PC Pilot

PC Connectors
M12 Dust Covers MUST be used when un-used.
Do NOT plugging / unplugging connectors when
the computer is on. If the pins become bent or
damaged they may not function correctly, or in the
worst case, the onboard computer or other
equipment may be damaged.
It is NOT recommend that new items are to wired
or connected without contacting Waratah / Deere
engineering personal

PC Power Supply
Operation Voltage
10vdc to 36vdc
Internal Protection if
below 10vdc, the PC
will automatically shut

TimberRite Hardware: HPC07 Screen

Quick Information
Manufacture CCS Sweden
Screen Size 10.4
Protection - IP67
Operating Temperature Range -40C to +65 C

TimberRite Hardware: HPC07 Screen

Function of the Displays Push-buttons
In the top left of the CC Pilot XLII there are two buttons to control
the screen brightness. Press and hold the button to gradually increase
or decrease the displays brightness.

Starting Up
The unit is started by sending a short push signal to the ON/OFF pins
in the power connector on CC Pilot XLII. For more information see
the chapter Hook up of Power Supply.

Starting in the cold

Rotating hard drives should not be in used in low temperature. To
prevent damage, the temperature of the hard drive is checked and if
needed warmed before start up of CC Pilot XLII.
When sending the ON/OFF signal and the temperature is lower than
+5C (+41F). Your CC Pilot will not start immediately. Instead, an
internal heater will warm up the hard drive. During warm up the LED
on the displays will flash and the display will be activated.
Once the temperature for the hard disk is above +5C, the CC Pilot
will start automatically. The heater continues to warm the hard drive
until it reaches +14C.

TimberRite Hardware: Care of HPC07

Care of PC and Screen
During welding or other service, on the vehicle or machine where the CC Pilot XLII is
installed, which can damage your CC Pilot XLII, all cables shall be disconnected from
your computer before such work begins.
The CC Pilot XLII shall only be mounted and serviced by authorised personnel. If the
unit is opened by unauthorised personnel, the normal guarantee will cease to be valid.
Scratches, or in the worst case damages, to the display occur easily if it comes in contact
with a sharp edge or hard material. In order to increase the longevity of the screen, this is
naturally something which should be avoided.
The unit can be damaged if it becomes too hot. Therefore, do not cover the unit by laying
things on it, like for example, hanging a jacket or other clothes on it.

TimberRite Hardware: Care of HPC07

To ensure proper and reliable functionality over time, the unit shall be wiped cleaned of dirt
and dust. Use a suitable light damp rag to clean the unit.
NEVER USE alkaline, alcoholic or other chemicals for cleaning which can damage the

TimberRite Hardware: HPC07

Windows TimberRite Diagnostics
Under Control Panel, the window shown on the left
can be displayed

CCP setting status (Located by the Computer

The colour of the light bulb indicates the CCP setting
RED Not active. The CCP settings service is not
started or something is wrong in the communication
with the computer. Within this state the display led
and push buttons are not in communication with the
PC unit and therefore not functional.
YELLOW Active and waiting. The CCP settings
service is in idle state.
GREEN Busy. The CCP settings service is
operating with the computer.

TimberRite Hardware: CrossFire (Base

Machine IO)

TimberRite Hardware: HHM

LED Indicators
Green Light
Once Second - when in running in program mode,
Three time a Second HHM running correctly.
Red Light
Continuous - indicates a possible internal fault.
Flashing - indicates a possible CAN communication
No lights could indicate wiring, connectors fault

TimberRite Hardware: HHM Danfoss

Used only on the 600 series HTH616, 622B, 626

Same Mounting / Body style as the Mark2
Uses all of the 4 plugs (A to D)
HHM setup to for Voltage (with the Danfoss Proportional
MainSaw and TopSaw Proxs are PNP
Findend is PNP

TimberRite Hardware: HHM Mark2

Currently used on all European Heads

For 600 Series only HTH624C
Same Mounting / Body style as the Danfoss
Main Difference only 3 plugs (A to C), D is a blank.
HHM setup for PWM outputs
MainSaw and TopSaw Proxs must be NPN
Findend is PNP

Note : Wrong Picture

TimberRite Hardware: HHM Tooling

Pin Removing tool

Deutsch Crimping Tool (recommended)
Gold Plated Deutsch Pins only to be used

TimberRite Hardware: Joystick Danfoss

Danfoss Interface
Operation Voltage 10vdc to 36vdc
LED indication for power
Mounting plate provided, pre-drilled 6mm holes
3-1 splitter cable, labelled L/H, R/H, Keypad
Keypad same layout of the Logrite, but NOT
interchangeable with Logrite
Danfoss Joysticks are the SAME as Logrite (L/H
and R/H)
Factory Decals are supplied

TimberRite Hardware: Joystick SureGrip

SureGrip Interface

Operation Voltage 10vdc to 36vdc

Mounting plate provided, pre-drilled 6mm holes
Factory Decals are supplied

TimberRite Hardware: Machine

Mounting the PC Pilot
PC MUST be mounted inside Cab
Vibration mounting plate MUST be used and not have
any contact any other plates / bolts (free to move). This
must be check when commissioning.
All mounting plates are supplied (as in Assy drawing)
Key Switch box can be mounted in a different location,
but it MUST always in front of the operators shoulders.
Mounting Cables - Cables shall be installed so that
they dont run the risk of being damaged, pinched or
worn. Avoid bending and twisting cables. Strain-relief on
cable assemblies shall be arranged near the connection
to the respective unit. The connectors shall always be
screwed-in securely to give good contact and avoid
unnecessary strain..
Mounting methods for base plate
Bolting using the pre-drilled holes

TimberRite Hardware: Machine

Mounting the Terminal Box & Crossfire
Can be mounted outside on base or inside cab
If mounted outside Cab, protection MUST be provided
for the following
Water covering plate so that the items do not
have direct contact with water
Mechanical Damage protection as required
Dust covers for all unused M12 connectors is a MUST
All mounting plates are supplied, and are
recommended that they are used (ease of replacement)
Small Flat Screw driver MUST be used when wiring to
Mounting methods for base plate
Bolting using the pre-drilled holes

TimberRite Hardware: Machine

Mounting Screen
Everything that is pictured on the left is
included in the TimberRite base system
Vibration Mounts MUST be used, warranty
maybe denied if not fitted
The use of brackets is optional, but the above
rule must apply
Can be mounted via Machine pillar, or by floor
mounting pole

TimberRite Hardware: Machine

Mounting Keyboard and Touch pad
These items MUST be mounted to machine
either by brackets (ordered separately), or via
a holder
Separate Bracket mounts to the back of
screen, leaving the keyboard and touchpad
sitting below, the keyboard / touchpad can be
removed for use.
If Keyboard / Touchpad is leaved laying around
Machine Cab, warranty maybe denied

TimberRite Hardware: Drawings

System Overview

TimberRite Hardware: Drawings

Head HHM Example


Questions & Comments

Problem Solving examples

Please note that these examples are only a guide


No connection with HHM


If there connection with Joystick interface

Check to see if 24vdc power is at the HHM

If power at the head, i.e. Green LED blinking 1 per second, then check the CAN
signal Hi and Low (maybe swapping the signals is required)