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Customer Expectations Analysis


Burger King: An Introduction

BURGER KING is the worlds second largest hamburger
chain tracking records of serving over 11 million guests per
day across 91 nations.
Most of BURGER KINGs restaurants are owned and
operated by independent franchisees with strong business
presence in-country.
Softlogic was its ultimate choice for the franchise in Sri
These restaurants, the first in Sri Lanka, were opened on
December 28, 2013 and are located in Rajagiriya, Mount
Lavinia and Colpetty.
The restaurants feature flame-grilled burgers, chicken and
other specialty sandwiches with an extra flavor of spice to
satisfy the Asian tongue along with French fries, soft drinks.

Burgher King: Outlets Worldwide

Customer Expectations Burger King

Quality Food and Beverages
Value for Money
Restaurant Arrangement
Excellent Customer Service


There is no specific parking for the customers that visit the Burger King
restaurant, but there is ample public parking for Dutch Hospital. This is an
inconvenience to most customers as there is no guarantee that they will have
parking slots for their vehicles as it is situated in a busy part of town.


Burgher King is a multinational franchise with a strong
brand name recognized by people all over the world.
People are attracted to Burger King due to its brand
name and the to the promise of a variety of food prepared
to international standards.
It is located in the highly busy town of Colombo at the
Dutch Hospital (In front of World Trade Centre).
The restaurant located in the Dutch Hospital is not known
to many (unless otherwise, a customer is a frequent
visitor to the Dutch Hospital) as Burgher King seldom
advertises. The Sign Board Present outside the restaurant
is small. Many customers need to walk around the Dutch
Hospital a number of times in order to find the restaurant
which is a slight inconvenience.


Quality Food & Beverages

There is a considerable variety of food items to choose from (Vegetarian and
Non vegetarian). The menu is clear and concise. There is a rice and curry in
the menu specially to attract local customers. The food is prepared as per
standard restaurant regulations, which is visible to all the customers. Food is
served hot & fresh, it is tasty & flavourful.
However, there is limited variety of beverages to choose from and the quality
of beverages is quite poor. If multiple orders are made, the food isnt labeled
clearly which is an inconvenience as many customers need to figure out if
which is which before eating.

Food not


Value for Price

Reasonable and affordable prices. Burgher
king has many offers and promotions
available to their customers at any given time.
The offers and promotions are not made
visible to all customers visiting the restaurant.
The frequent complain made by many
customers is that the portion of food provided
is small.


Restaurant Arrangement
Customers have enough seats to sit on when visiting the
restaurant. The Restaurant has a good ambience and is well
However, no comfortable seats are available. There isnt
sufficient space to maneuver and sit. There is no separate
hand washing area which is a big inconvenience. And a major
drawback is that no play area for kids is available as Burgher
King is an establishment usually visited by families.


Excellent Customer Service

Employees are friendly and courteous. They are
attired according standard restaurant practices.
The order is taken almost immediately one after
the other but the order takes time to be completed.
Many Customers line up in front of the counter
waiting for their order. The customers are not
served in the first come - first served basis. If large
groups of people walk in to the restaurant, they
have to arrange the table for themselves


Customer Interview


Online Reviews


In order to ensure customer satisfaction, it would the employees at Burgher
King should improve on customer assistance.
More sales staff should be available to help the customers out.
A visible sign board will make it easier for customers to locate the restaurant
Should be active on Social Networks. This tool can be used to spread
awareness on the offers and promotions available to the customers.
Sufficient Parking Facilities must be made available.
Needs to improve on the quality of Beverages provided.
The food should be labeled clearly
The portion of food served needs to be revised.
A drive through system and a Kids play area will encourage more customers to
visit the restaurant.
Comfortable seating should be made available.
Washroom facilities for the customers of Burgher King should be made


Group Members
Zamruth Nizar
Shenali Jurie
Rashmi Dadigamuwa