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Right Thinking

As a man
thinketh in his
heart, so is he.
Proverbs 23:7

Right Thinking

Not just informed or conformed
but be transformed.

Do not be conformed to this

world, but be transformed by
the renewing of your mind,
that you may prove what is
that good and acceptable and
perfect will of God
(Romans 12:2 NKJV).

The only security for

any soul is right thinking.
As a man thinketh in his
heart, so is he.
Proverbs 23:7.
(Ministry of Healing, page 491).

1. The Law of Cognition:

The way you think is the single most
determinative thing about you.

2. The Law of Exposure:

Your mind will think about what it is most exposed to. What
repeatedly enters your mind, shapes your character.

There is an old story that says you are

commanded to wear a coat with two
pockets to receive messages for your
life. You have to decide which message
is the truth.
The note in the first pocket says:
You are nothing but millions of tiny grains of dirt. You are the product
of random chance. Your life is meaningless.

The note in the second pocket says:

You are on a mission from God. You are the light of the world. You
are the salt of the earth.

Which message will you hold on to and which

one will you throw away?
Your mind will think about what it is most exposed to. What
repeatedly enters your mind, shapes your character.

How do we get
right thinking?

How do we get right thinking?

1. Focus on Jesus.
2. Adopt an attitude of gratitude,
praise, and joy.
3. Let your imagination take hold
of the unseen.
4. Fall up.
5. Live to give.
6. Reduce your options.
7. Press together.

1. Focus on Jesus.

Psalm 101:3
I will set nothing wicked before my eyes!

Why does David make this rule for his

Because by beholding we become

looking unto Jesus

(Hebrews 12:2).

2 Corinthians 3:18

By beholding we become changed.

Right Thinking
Philippians 4:8
Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are
just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report,
if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy meditate on these things.

It would be well for us to spend a thoughtful

hour each day in contemplation of the life of
Christ. We should take it point by point, and
let the imagination grasp each scene,
especially the closing ones. As we thus
dwell upon His great sacrifice for us, our
confidence in Him will be more constant,
our love will be quickened, and we shall be
more deeply imbued with His spirit.
(Desire of Ages, page 83).

2. Adopt an attitude of gratitude,

praise, and joy.

Nothing tends more to

promote health of body
and of soul than does a
spirit of gratitude and
(Ministry of Healing,
page 251).

(Ministry of Healing, page 492).

Nothing tends more to promote

health of body and of soul than
does a spirit of gratitude and
praise. It is a positive duty to
resist melancholy, discontented
thoughts and feelings--as much a
duty as it is to pray
(Ministry of Healing,
page 251).

2 Corinthians 10:4-5

Dwell upon the good qualities of

those with whom you associate,
and see as little as possible of
their errors and failings. When
tempted to complain of what
someone has said or done,
praise something in that person's
life or character
(Ministry of Healing,
page 492).

If we keep uppermost in our

minds the unkind and unjust acts
of others we shall find it
impossible to love them as Christ
has loved us; but if our thoughts
dwell upon the wondrous love
and pity of Christ for us, the
same spirit will flow out to others
(Steps to Christ, page 121).

We need not keep our own

record of trials and difficulties,
griefs, and sorrows... While we
are counting up the disagreeable
things, many things that are
pleasant to reflect upon are
passing from memory
(Ministry of Healing,
page 487).

Make it a rule never to

utter one word of doubt
or discouragement
(Steps to Christ, pages 119-120).

3. Let your imagination

take hold of the unseen.

Instead of thinking of your

discouragements, think of
the power you can claim in
Christ's name. Let your
imagination take hold upon
things unseen
(Ministry of Healing, page 488).

Right Thinking
Supernatural Warfare
(Numbers 13-14)

Seeing therefore it remaineth

that some must enter therein,
and they to whom it was first
preached entered not in
because of unbelief
(Hebrews 4:6 KJV).
What is the opposite of unbelief?



faith is the
substance of things
hoped for, the
evidence of
things not seen
(Hebrews 11:1 KJV).

Without faith it is impossible

to please Him: for he that
cometh to God must believe
that He is, and that He is a
rewarder of them that
diligently seek Him
(Hebrews 11:6 KJV).

Seeing the unseen.




1. mental creative ability

2. the faculty or action of producing ideas, especially

mental images of what is not present or has not been

3. Daydreaming and fantasy of one when awake,

building castles in the air, illusions, unrealities

Godly imagination takes the

Word of God and treats it as
Psalm 34:7 says, The angel of the LORD
encampeth round about them that fear Him,
and delivereth them.

When the Centurion in Luke 7:7-8 said,

say the word and my servant will be
healed. For I also am a man placed
under authority, having soldiers under
me. And I say to one, Go, and he
goes; and to another, Come, and he
comes; and to my servant, Do this,
and he does it.
he had great faith and a great

Faith looks beyond the

difficulties and lays hold of the
unseen, even Omnipotence.
Therefore, it can not be
(The Faith I Live By).
(Faith does not have to
depend on sight.)

2 Corinthians 5:7:
For we walk by faith,
not by sight.

Instead of thinking of your

discouragements, think of the
power you can claim in
Christs name. Let your
imagination take hold of things
(Gospel Workers, page 478).

Children have vivid imaginations.

Jesus wants us to have the faith of a little child.

Verily I say unto you, Whosoever shall not

receive the kingdom of God as a little child shall
in no wise enter therein (Luke 18:17).

Ungodly imagination
visualizes things that are not
true nor Biblical nor godly nor
pure. It is an unsanctified
imagination, an uncontrolled
and lustful imagination, or a
depressed and dark

He who looks to Christ in simple

childlike faith is made a partaker of
the divine nature through the
agency of the Holy Spirit
(The Faith I Live By, page 55).
(Children have a powerful

Through the imagination He

(Christ) reached the heart
(Desire of Ages, page 254).

The first work of those who would

reform is to purify the imagination
(Mind, Character and Personality, Volume 2,
page 595).

Thou wilt keep him in perfect

peace, whose
mind(imagination) is stayed on
(Isaiah 26:3 KJV).

Let this mind be in you,

which was also in
Christ Jesus
(Philippians 2:5 KJV).

The reason why the world was destroyed by


And God saw that the wickedness

of man was great in the earth, and
that every imagination of the
thoughts of his heart was only evil
(Genesis 6:5 KJV).

He who has the imagination,

has the man.

It would be well for us to spend a thoughtful

hour each day in contemplation of the life of
Christ. We should take it point by point, and
let the imagination grasp each scene,
especially the closing ones. As we thus
dwell upon His great sacrifice for us, our
confidence in Him will be more constant,
our love will be quickened, and we shall be
more deeply imbued with His spirit.
(Desire of Ages, page 83).

Disease is sometimes produced, and

is often greatly aggravated, by the
imagination. Many are lifelong invalids
who might be well if they only thought
so. Many imagine that every slight
exposure will cause illness, and the evil
effect is produced because it is
expected. Many die from disease the
cause of which is wholly imaginary
(Ministry of Healing, page 241).


of the mind prevails

everywhere. Nine tenths of the
diseases from which men suffer
have their foundation here
(Mind, Character and Personality vol. 1, p59).

One sister was carried by her husband

from chair to bed, and from room to
room, because she thought that she
was too feeble to walk. But as the case
was afterward presented to me, she
could have walked as well as myself if
she had thought so.
(Testimonies vol. 2, p523.1).

Had an accident occurred,--had the house

taken fire, or one of her children been in
imminent danger of losing life by a fall,--this
woman would have been aroused by the force
of circumstances, and would have walked
quite readily and briskly. She could walk, so far
as physical strength was concerned; but
diseased imagination led her to conclude that
she could not, and she did not arouse the
power of the will to resist this deception.

(Testimonies vol. 2, p523.1).

The imagination said: You cannot walk, and you

had better not try. Sit still; your limbs are so weak
that you cannot stand. Had this sister exerted her
will power and aroused her benumbed and
dormant energies, this deception would have
been exposed. In consequence of yielding to the
imagination, she probably thinks, to this day, that
when she was so helpless she was so of
necessity; but this was purely a freak of the
imagination, which sometimes plays strange
tricks upon diseased mortals
(Testimonies vol. 2, p523.1).

Once I was called to see a young woman with

whom I was well acquainted. She was sick
and was running down fast. Her mother
wished me to pray for her. The mother stood
there weeping and saying, "Poor child; she
cannot live long." I felt her pulse. I prayed with
her, and then addressed her, "My sister, if you
get up and dress and go to your usual work in
the office, all this invalidism will pass away."
"Do you think this would pass away?" she
(Mind, Character and Personality vol. 2, p682).

"Certainly," I said. "You have nearly

smothered the life forces by invalidism."
I turned to the mother and told her that
her daughter would have died of a diseased
imagination if they had not been convinced
of their error. She had been educating
herself to invalidism. Now this is a very poor
school. But I said to her, "Change this order;
arise and dress." She was obedient, and is
alive today.
(Mind, Character and Personality vol. 2, p682).

The key to controlling your thoughts is realizing that you

are the cinema manager. If a mental movie creates problems,
you can switch to another film.
- Dr. Neil Nedley (The Lost Art of Thinking)

Proverbs 24:16 For a just

man falleth seven times, and
riseth up again: but the
wicked shall fall into

Falling Up

Imagine you walk into

a bank. There are 50
other people there.

A robber walks in and

fires his weapon once
and you are shot in the
right arm.

The next day you are released from the

hospital and you return to work.
Now if you were honestly describing
this event to your friends the next day,
would you describe it as:
fortunate or unfortunate?

Reasons why it was Unfortunate:

I could have walked into any bank,
at any time. This kind of thing almost
never happens. How unlucky is it
that I happened to be there? And
that I was shot?!
Theres a bullet in my arm; thats
objectively unfortunate.

More Reasons why it was Unfortunate:

I entered the bank perfectly

healthy and I left in an
ambulance. I dont know about
you, but thats not my idea of a
good time.
This is fundamentally

One More Reason why it was


There were at least fifty other

people in the bank. Surely
someone deserved getting shot
more than I did.

Reasons why it was Fortunate:

I could have been shot somewhere
far worse than my arm. I could have
died. I feel incredibly fortunate.
Its amazing that nobody else got
hurt. There were a least 50 other
people in the bank, including
children. Its unbelievably lucky that
everybody lived to tell the tale.

Man can shape

circumstances, but
circumstances should
not be allowed to
shape the man
(Ministry of Healing, page 500).

When soldiers are heading for

combat, psychologists
commonly tell them they will
return either normal or with
Post-Traumatic Stress

There are only two

paths: normal or
psychic distress?

There is a third
Growth or
Falling Up

What possible good

could come out of a
bad situation?

What if I end up in
the hospital?

What if I find out

that you have

What kind of positive

growth have patients
experienced when they
were diagnosed with

1. Increased
2. Compassion
for others

3. Openness

4. Heightened
appreciation for,
and greater
intimacy in,
their social
5. Enhanced

Why do some people fall up, while so

many others fall down:
1. People who fall up see their suffering
as an opportunity to learn, grow and
2. People who fall up have moral
courage and refuse to betray their
3. People who fall up have a strong
sense of self-control see their suffering
as local and temporary as opposed to
universal and permanent.

James 1:2 My
brethren, count it
all joy when you
fall into various

John 16:33 In the world

you will have tribulation;
but be of good cheer, I
have overcome the world.

Trials and obstacles

are the Lord's chosen
methods of discipline
and His appointed
conditions of
Help in Daily Living, pg. 9

Men of power are those who have

been opposed, baffled, and

thwarted. By calling their energies
into action, the obstacles they
meet prove to them positive
blessings. They gain self-reliance.
Conflict and perplexity call for the
exercise of trust in God and for
that firmness which develops
Help in Daily Living, pg. 45

Romans 8:28

The Father's presence encircled

Christ, and nothing befell
Him but that which infinite love
permitted for the blessing of the
world. Here was His source of
comfort, and it is for us. He who is
imbued with the Spirit of Christ
abides in Christ. Whatever comes to
him comes from the Saviour, who
surrounds him with His presence.
Help in Daily Living, pp. 30-31

Nothing can touch him except by

the Lord's permission. All our
sufferings and sorrows, all our
temptations and trials, all our
sadness and griefs, all our
persecutions and privations, in short,
all things work together for our good.
All experiences and circumstances
are God's workmen whereby good is
brought to us.
Help in Daily Living, pp. 30-31

Ive failed over

and over again
in my life, and
that is why I
- Michael Jordan

I have failed
my way to
- Thomas

Only those
who dare to
fail greatly
can ever
- Robert

Many who are

qualified to do
excellent work
accomplish little
because they
attempt little.
Help in Daily Living, pg. 43

One reason for this is the

low estimate which they
place upon themselves.
Christ paid an infinite price
for us, and according to
the price paid He desires
us to value ourselves.
Help in Daily Living, pg. 43

Many become inefficient by

evading responsibilities for
fear of failure. Thus they fail of
gaining that education which
results from experience, and
which reading and study and
all the advantages otherwise
gained cannot give them.
Help in Daily Living, pp. 30-31

shoe salesmen
went to
in the have
early any
They dont
shoes yet.

Great as is the shame and

degradation through sin, even
greater will be the honor and
exaltation through redeeming love.
To human beings striving for
conformity to the divine image there
is imparted an outlay of heaven's
treasure, an excellency of power, that
will place them higher than even the
angels who have never fallen.
Christs Object Lessons, p. 163

5. Live to

From His earliest years

He (Jesus) was
possessed of one
He lived to bless others.
- Desire of Ages, page 70

The strongest argument in

favor of the gospel is a loving
and lovable Christian.
To live such a life, to exert such
an influence, costs at every
step effort, self-sacrifice,
(Ministry of Healing, pages 470).

John 15:11
Hebrews 12:1, 2


a kindness produces
the single most reliable
momentary increase in well
being of any exercise we
have tested
(Martin Seligman, the father of
Positive Psychology wrote in
his book Flourish).

If anyone desires to come after

Me, let him deny himself, and
take up his cross, and follow me
(Matthew 16:24).

Happiness that is sought from

selfish motives, outside of the
path of duty, is ill-balanced, fitful,
and transitory; it passes away,
and the soul is filled with
loneliness and sorrow; but there
is joy and satisfaction in the
service of God
(Steps to Christ, page 125).

Those who think of the result of

hastening or hindering the gospel
think of it in relation to themselves
and to the world. Few think of its
relation to God. Few give thought to
the suffering that sin has caused
our Creator (Education, page 263).

All heaven suffered in Christ's agony; but that suffering did not begin or
end with His manifestation in humanity. The cross is a revelation to our dull
senses of the pain that, from its very inception, sin has brought to the heart
of God. Every departure from the right, every deed of cruelty, every failure of
humanity to reach His ideal, brings grief to Him (Education, page 263).

Of all the gifts that heaven can bestow upon

men, fellowship with Christ in His sufferings is
the most weighty trust and the highest honor.
Not Enoch, who was translated to heaven, not
Elijah, who ascended in a chariot of fire, was
greater or more honored than John the Baptist,
who perished alone in the dungeon. Unto you
it is given in the behalf of Christ, not only to
believe on Him, but also to suffer for His sake.
Philippians 1:29
(Ministry of Healing, pages 476-477).

Seekest thou great things for thyself?

Seek them not (Jeremiah 45:5). The
Lord has no place in His work for those
who have a greater desire to win the
crown than to bear the cross. He wants
men who are more intent upon doing
their duty than upon receiving their
reward--men who are more solicitous
for principle than for promotion
(Ministry of Healing, pages 476-477).

you are the temple of

- 1 Corinthians 3:16

Purity of

Purity of Character

Purity of Thoughts
(Right Thinking)

7. Press together.

By mutual contact our minds

should receive polish and
refinement. We are dependent
upon one another, closely
bound together by the ties of
human brotherhood
(Ministry of Healing, page 496).

We want to press together. O, how many

times, when I have seemed to be in the
presence of God and holy angels, I have
heard the angel voice saying, Press
together, press together, press together.
Do not let Satan cast his hellish shadow
between brethren. Press together; in unity
there is strength
I repeat the message to you
{GCDB, April 13, 1891 par. 34}

It is the will of God that union and brotherly love should exist
among His people. The prayer of Christ just before His
crucifixion was that His disciples might be one as He is one with
the Father, that the world might believe that God had sent Him.
This most touching and wonderful prayer reaches down the
ages, even to our day; for His words were, "Neither pray I for
these alone, but for them also which shall believe on Me through
their word." John 17:20. While we are not to sacrifice one
principle of truth, it should be our constant aim to reach this state
of unity. This is the evidence of our discipleship. Said Jesus, "By
this shall all men know that ye are My disciples, if ye have love
one to another." John 13:35. The apostle Peter exhorts the
church, "Be ye all of one mind, having compassion one of
another; love as brethren, be pitiful, be courteous: not rendering
evil for evil, or railing for railing: but contrariwise blessing;
knowing that ye are thereunto called, that ye should inherit a
blessing." 1 Peter 3:8, 9. {PP 520.3}

"Behold, how good and how

pleasant it is for brethren to
dwell together in unity!"
(Psalms 133:1)