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Auckland, New Zealand

New Zealand is a beautiful and
unique country full of incredible
scenery, amazing outdoor
experiences, and even delicious food
and wine.
This city is home to 1.37 million
people full of individuals that are
either immigrants or descendants
from all over the world. The kiwi
population is extremely diverse and
has 32% of the population
It holds 265 days of sunshine per
year. In between those days is their
winter that ranges from about 50-59
degrees Fahrenheit. This leaves more
time for you to visit this beautiful

Attractions and Activities

Outdoor Activities and Adventures

Tourist Attractions
Markets and Shopping
Cultural and Heritage Sites
And Much More!

Outdoor Adventures
Rangitoto Island: Come
take a hike or simply
enjoy the view on the
volcanic island in the
Hauraki Gulf. This island
is an iconic and widely
visible landmark of the
beautiful city of Auckland.

Pictured above: Waiheke Island

Photo above: Rangitoto Island

Whether zip lining is more
the ideal activity or taking a
simple walk to enjoy nature,
Waiheke Island has
numerous activities to do for
you and your family!
Additional activities include
conferences, events, sailing,
art galleries, and much

Outdoor Adventures

Auckland Domain

Aucklands oldest
and one of the
largest parks is the
Auckland Domain.
The park contains
parts of explosion
craters and most of
surround rings from

Eden Park

One Tree Hill

Suit up and get

ready for a game
in Eden Park,
New Zealands
largest stadium.
It is located in
central Auckland
and home to the
All Blacks rugby

opportunities to go
hiking or a nice
stroll is on One Tree
Hill. It is located on
a volcanic peak in

Tourist Attractions
Enjoy a 360 degree
panoramic over view of
Auckland from over 720 ft. in
the Sky Tower. Spot key
landmarks, volcanoes, and
other historic locations in the
most prominent landmark in
the city . Also you can bungee
jump of the Tower through

SkyJump off the Sky Tower

War Memorial Museum

The War Memorial Museum sits on

the highest point of Auckland
Domain. This museum is
dedicated to the New Zealand
soldiers who fought in World War I.
Come learn more about New
Zealand history and their
involvement in world conflict
throughout their past.

More Attractions
Auckland Art

This Art Gallery is the

citys most impressive
cultural site. The
Gallery has more than
15,000 works of arts
on display including
works on Historic
Gallery and Maori
Portraiture Gallery

East and West

Coast Beaches

Both Coast Beaches

are highly populated
during the summer
season. East Coast
beaches include:
Takapuna Beach,
Milford Beach,
Cheltenham Beach.
The most popular
West Coast beaches

Kaipara Coast
Sculpture Gardens

The Sculpture
Gardens is a quiet
garden valley good
for a nice stroll.
There are more
than 50 sculptures
along the trails.

Hobbiton & Waitomo Experience
See magical Waitomo Caves and
the Hobbiton Movie set. This is a
full day experience for all ages.
You will get to see the highlights
from the original movie as well
as go within underground
tunnels that ends on a boat ride.

Tours cont.

You will be able to travel

through the city making
stops at Viaduct Harbour,
the famous Queen Street,
and in Parnell Village.
Following the city tour is a
visit to the Kelly Tarltons
Sea Life Aquarium.

Within this tour you will

get the rare opportunity
to explore the beautiful
Bay of Island and swim
with playful bottlenose
dolphins. You may also
see other marine life
such as whales,
penguins, and even

Markets and Shopping

Otara Market

Located in the heart of

South Auckland. It is full of
cultural performances, live
music, and lively
entertainment. The
market contains a mix of
Aucklands fresh produce,
clothing, accessories,

Victoria Park Market

Located in Central
Auckland. It has more than
85 shops, cafes, and
restaurants. It is full of New
Zealand arts and crafts,
souvenirs, and has some of
the best selections of food
Auckland has to offer.

Special Events

Auckland Diwali Festival

is hosted Saturday 15th
&16th of October.
Thousands of Kiwis of all
ages come each year to the
free festival. It is just one
example of Aucklands
ethnic diversity and a
chance to enjoy traditional
and contemporary Indian

Taste of Auckland
is hosted every November
in Western Springs. There
are selections of signature
dishes from Aucklands
finest restaurants. This
special event is known as
New Zealands most
glamorous food festivals

Special Events Cont.

Coca-Cola Christmas
in the Park is located
every December inside
Auckland Domain. It is one
of the biggest Christmas
events in Auckland and is
full of live music and
dance for everyone in the

The New Zealand Herald

Christmas Carnival
is located at the Auckland
Racing Club. You can
experience the Christmas
season through horse
racing while soaking the
up the summer weather.

ASB Auckland Marathon

is held in November. There
are five distances to chose
from ranging from
beginning to expert levels
of mileage.

The Rugby Union
is popular across the
country. The All Black are
the national ruby team and
one of the best teams in the
world. The All Blacks
traditionally perform a haka
(a Maori challenge), at the
start of international

Pictured above: All Blacks

Rugby team celebrating win at
national championship

Pictured below: individuals

playing Cricket.

Cricket is also a popular

national summer sport in
New Zealand. It is a game
with two team of 11 players
on an oval-shaped field. The
national Cricket team in
New Zealand is the Black

Recreation Clubs

Auckland Curling
Auckland. Curling
is a team sport in
which stones are
slid across a sheet
of ice towards a
target area. The
club meets on

The Waihopai Rowing

Club has positions
from secondary
school age to a
masters level. The
club is situated on
uninterrupted training
water to the clubs
100 plus members.
New members are
always welcome no

The Auckland Area

Pony Club is for youth
6- 21 years old. This
club teaches proper
grooming and riding
procedures for anyone
that owns a horse.

Taxis and Rentals
With an average taxi response
time of 6.5 minutes, Auckland
Co-Op Taxis is a reliable means
of transportation around while
touring the city.

Thrifty Car Rental is there to

make peoples lives easier
and are helpful in everything
they do.

Transportation cont.

The underground trains

are a great way to get
around Southern,
Western, and Central
Auckland. They provide
a comfortable and quiet
ride with rides every
weekday and weekend.

The public buses are

continuously surrounding
the city when walking
around sightseeing.


Pool, spa, casino

and gambling, bar,
internet access,
shuttle bus service,
meeting rooms,

CityLife Auckland

Pool, spa,
restaurant, fitness
center, bar, dry
cleaning, baby
sitting, internet
access, meeting

Hotel DeBrett

Free breakfast, dry

cleaning, meeting
rooms, babysitting,
pool, restaurant,
fitness center,
internet access

Accommodations cont.
City Garden Lodge

A villa not to far away

from the Auckland War
Memorial Museum with
dorm-style rooms.
Theres a bar and a
lounge with a fireplace
and internet access.

Backpackers Lodge

Set in villas with

mixed dorms and
private rooms with
internet access.
There is a guest
kitchen with free
tea and coffee as
well as bike
rentals and

Ponsonby Backpackers

Features mixed
and female-only
dorms as well as
internet access.
There is a guest
commons areas
with a TV, and a

Accommodations cont.
Vacation homes
Pictured to the left, the Beachfront
Waiheke is beach house located directly
on the beach on Waiheke Island in
Auckland. It can fit six people with two
bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The Woodside Bay Cottage is

also located in the Waiheke
Island along the Bay. It can
hold four people with two
bedrooms and one and half

Pre-trip Information
Passport: is required for entry into New
Zealand and it must be valid for at least
one month beyond the planned
Visa Requirements: U.S. citizens are
not required for stays of up to three
months. If the stay is beyond three
months, the individual must contact
the New Zealand Embassy to get a
visa to stay longer.
Immunizations: There are no
vaccinations that are required before

Pre-trip Information
The New Zealand Dollar is used
within the country. This is .73 cents
to 1 New Zealand Dollar

guages of
New Z
and Mori.

Pre-trip Information
Using Debit Card or Credit Card?
IMPORTANT: You MUST contact your bank BEFORE
hand to let them know where you are traveling to
and for how long to avoid frozen accounts.

Pros for using debit:

Ability to use ATM cards in
most places
Protected by PIN
Debit cards will not carry

Pros for using credit:

Protected by PIN
Accepted worldwide
Emergency card

Cons for both: International fees may apply with debit cards
and withdrawing cash can be considered cash advance and
can be charged fees.

Pre-trip Information
Travel International Health
This can benefit to any
accidents that may occur while
abroad. It ranges from doctors
appointments to surgeries to
rehabilitations and therapy.

Travel Insurance:
Covers trip
coverage for trip
interruptions, and is
used for a 24 hour
access to emergency
assistance services.


September 15, 2016

8:00 AM Breakfast at hostel
$25 NZD
9:00 AM Arrive for InterCity
Hobbiton and Waitomo Day
Tour $299 NZD
12 PM lunch at the Green
Dragon Inn (included in tour)
8:00PM - Return

September 16, 2016

8:00 AM Breakfast at hostel
$25 NZD
9:00 AM visit Auckland Domain
10:30 AM head to Waiheke
12PM get lunch $15 NZD
12:30PM - Kayak on the beach
$40 NZD
4 PM Go ziplining $150 NZD
7 PM head back to hostel


September 17, 2016


8:00 AM- Breakfast at hostel

$25 NZD
10:00 AM Climb to summit
of Rangitoto Island
3 PM Depart Island
6 PM - SkyCity Auckland
9 PM Head back to hostel

September 18, 2016

8:00 AM Breakfast at
hostel $25 NZD
9:00 AM Sky
Tower/Sky Jump $210
12:30 PM lunch in Sky
Tower $12 NZD
2 PM Auckland Eco
tour & Farm visit $250
11 PM Head back to


September 19, 2016

5:00 AM Breakfast at hostel
$25 NZD
5:30 AM Hike up One Tree
7:30 AM Depart for Bay of
Island Day Tour + Swim with
Dolphins Cruise $259
8:10 PM Return from tour
9 PM Head to Wynyard
Quarter & North Wharf
11 PM Head back to hostel

September 20, 2016

8:00 AM Breakfast at
hostel $25
9:00 AM go to War
Memorial Museum $50
12 PM Depart to Eden
Park for Rugby Match
4 PM Depart for Taste of
Auckland event
8 PM Head back to
hostel and pack for
departure Monday