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Sunsilk is a hair care brand for women
produced by the Unilever group , launched
in 1954 in the UK.
The brand included a range of shampoos,
conditioners, and other styling products.
By 1959, it had become a well known hair
care brand and was available in 18
countries worldwide

Introduction Stage
Sunsilk was launched in theUKin 1954,and
by 1959 it was available in 18 different
countries worldwide.
Sunsilk began its publicity efforts in 1955
with an advertising campaign that focused
on specific hair "issues".
In the UK, the campaign focused on shiny
A television commercial of Sunsilk featured
a tune composed by John Barry, The girl
with the sun in her hair, which became so
popular that it was subsequently released

Marketing Objective
To create product awareness and
to attract the customers towards
the product .

Marketing Strategies
Offered only 1 variety.
Promotion through Advertisements .
Available in market stores.

Growth Stage
Within ten years of its launch in India, Sunsilk introduced
a tonic shampoo for dandruff, which was the first antidandruff shampoo in India.
In the subsequent years, it launched many shampoo
variants and Tear.
Sunsilk also came out with its range of hair conditioners.
Change their logo .

Marketing Objective
The objective was to expand their
market to other cities of India and
also maximize market and shares .

Marketing Strategy
Change their packing, shape and colors of
a bottle.
Available in different size ( pouch & bottle)
and price with different Fragrance .
Easily available in Stores .
Promote their product through
Change Logo .

Maturity Stage
By the beginning of the new century, Sunsilk
attained maturity as a global brand, with its
products being sold in 69 countries.
To prolong the set in of the decline stage,
Sunsilk went for Brand rejuvenation and
came out with SUNSILK NATURALS.
From 2009, Sunsilk has started working with
a number of professional hair experts to
develop new and improved products.

From this came the tagline, Life cant Wait. Hair
has a deep emotional connection with women and
plays a significant role in the audiences life.
By acknowledging this emotional connect, Sunsilk
has managed to stand apart from its rivals.
Sunsilk understands that different girls have
different needs and hence has created 7 products
that cater to a variety of them.

Unilever launched
Sunsilkgangofgirls.com, India's first
"online all-girl community" which
quickly caught the attention of the
target group as it was promoted
through a 360-degree media
communication blitz.
The site was branded space to

The site offers its users access to a
variety of local and global experts to
address various hair care needs
through its content, blogs and live
chat room.
The site includes rich content of hair
care and fashion, and users can also
take part in interactive games and

The efforts to take the GoG website on the
road began in late 2006 when Unilever
conducted a Sunsilk Hair Bars event in Delhi
which was essentially a live version of the
GoG website where girls could spend their
weekend getting advice on hair care, mall
activation programs and participation in
college youth festival events.
Came with celebrity Priyanka Chopra to
promote their product.
Change their Logo.

Marketing Objectives
Build Awareness .
Expand their Market.
Target Women's through

Marketing Strategy
Available in every stores as well as online .
Sunsilk provides discounts on shopping online.
There are different types of prices for Sunsilks different
types of shampoos and conditioners.
All range of Price .
Sunsilk do personal selling by promotion ads and on
Promotion through celebrity Priyanka Chopra
Sunsilk ad products by TV promos, internet, newspapers .


The advertisement of a product should

follow the smile approach that is:
S- Simple: Advertising will very simple
and easily understandable for all
M- Memorable: easily memorable
I- Interesting with relevant information
L- Linked to the brand: directly related
with product characteristics.
E-Emotionally involved and liked.

Target Market
The main target market of sunsilk is
females between the ages group 1640 belonging to the middle and lower
income classes.
Sunsilk target its market o the basis
of consumer buying behavior ,
Income level and purchasing power
of people.

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