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Major League

Final Project
By: Jaylen Osbey

Chapter 7- Gender and Sports

Gender In The MLB

Justine Siegal Coach for the Athletics Instructional League this past October.
Job was for two weeks. But the team official told the San Francisco Chronicle
they arent Ruling out the post into a full-time position next season.

Gender In the MLB

Kim Ng- Dodgers Assistant General Manager, until 2011.
Current Senior Vice President of baseball operations.

Gender In The MLB

Jean Aftermath- The Assistant General Manager of the
Role in making baseball a more international sport and a
negotiating style that only journey could create

Gender In The MLB

Charles Bartlett Johnson
Team: San Francisco Giants
Worth: estimated net worth 4.9 billion dollars

Little league World Series
Mo'ne Davis- the first girl to throw a shutout in the
Little League World Series, the youngest athlete to
appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated and, for good
measure, attracted a record 34,128 fans to Lamade
Stadium in South Williamsport, Pa.

Race in Baseball
In 2013 the MLB posted a stat sheet that shows that on
opening day, of the 30 teams in the league only 8.3% were
African American.
Players of Latin descent made up 28.2% of the league

Race and Ethnicity

Jackie Robinson
In 1945, Robinson signed a contract to
play for the Kansas City Monarchs. He was
paid $400 a month (about $5100 today) to
play shortstop and eventually was placed in
the Negro League All-Star Game that year.
He played for the Royals from 194546 until he was signed to New York
Yankees in 1947, where he became
the first black MLB player.

Jack's Impact
Because he was so brave and humble he was able to break

barriers and pave the way for future players.

Kenn Griffey Jr
Willie Mays
Satchel Paige
Mo'ne Davis

The Future

Chapter 9- Social Class

Race & Ethnicity

In the past, baseball was always a predominant white
Currently there are more races in the game which is
helping the game evolve with the integration of different
Many of the best players today are from Latin and African
American backgrounds.

Major League Baseball includes two owners on the Forbes 400 this

Boston Red Sox boss John Henry ($2.2 billion)

Los Angeles Angels owner Arturo Moreno ($1.8 billion)


Major League Baseball continues to build its educational

initiative in a country where thousands of adolescents and
youth have the dream of becoming Major League players.
These programs included instruction in English, general
life skills, computer skills, acclimation to life in the United
States, reading and writing.

Chapter 11 - Sports and the


How Money Generates

Ticket sales
Sale of media rights (TV/radio)
Stadium revenues
Club seats and luxury boxes
Concessions and parking
Sale of naming rights and site advertising
Special events/concerts/meetings
Licensing fees and merchandise sales
Corporations sponsor sports because they can put their logos and messages
where they cannot be ignored

Top Paid Players and Teams



New York Yankees

Worth: 3.2 B. - $508 Mil.


Giancarlo Stanton

Salary: $325 Mil. ('15-'27)

Los Angeles Dodgers

Worth: 2.4 B. - $403 Mil.


Boston Red Sox

Worth: 2.1 B. - $370 Mil


Alex Rodriguez

Salary: $275 Mil. ('08-'17)

David Price:

Salary: $217 Mil. ('16-'22)


Stadium construction infuses money into the local economy.

A stadium and team create jobs.

Team attracts other businesses.

Team attracts media attention to boost tourism and economic


Team creates positive social benefitssocial unity, civic pride, and

sense of personal well-being


Stadium jobs are low-paid, part-time, and seasonalexcept for

athletes and executives.

Construction companies and materials often come from outside

the local area.

New businesses often are franchises that are headquartered in

other cities.
Entertainment dollars are moved from areas in a region to the
area around the venue, thereby undermining local businesses..

Marlins Park Controversy

0 - 2:22

Chapter 12: Sports and the

Print media: words and images on paper

Newspapers, magazines, books, catalogs etc.

Electronic Media: words, commentary, and images
transmitted by audio and/or video devices and
Radio, television, film, video games etc.

Media Content
*Content is edited and "represented" by those who run the
media organizations*
Editing decisions are based on:
Making profits
Influencing cultural values
Providing a public service
Enhancing personal status and reputation
Expressing self in technical, artistic, or personal ways

Media and Power

Media play an important role in constructing the
frameworks that media consumers use to define and
incorporate sports in their lives*
As programming decisions are made, they see audiences
as collections of consumers that can be old to advertisers

Characteristics of the new media

Extend and radically change (potentially) our connections
with the world
Enable each of us to be the "editors" of our own media
Gives us the potential to create our own sport realities
and experiences as spectators and virtual athletes
different viewing platforms
video games

Fantasy Baseball
11 million people participate in fantasy baseball*
Fantasy league players feel empowered by their
"ownership" of teams and players
Sport leagues and media companies now use fantasy
sports to generate new revenue *