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Course : F1042 Introduction To Money a Capital

: 2011

The Financial Market

Session 1

Financial market is a market where financial claim
and financial asset becomes trade object
between the seller and also the buyer.
Financial Market consist of two important thing :
1. Money Market
2. Capital Market

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Money Market
Money Market : Money market is part of financial
related to the short term marketable security.
Example : Certificate of Bank Indonesia
Commercial paper
Promissory Notes
Call Money
Bankers Acceptance
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Money Market (cont)

In terms of regulation, money market is
supervised by the Central Bank of Indonesia. On
the other hand, the regulatory and supervision
for capital market is Indonesia Financial Services
Authority (aka. OJK)

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Capital Market

Capital market : Part of financial market related to long

term marketable security or long term investment.
There are several benefits of capital market :
a. as a source of long term financing for businesses and enabling allocation of resources
b. as a place for investment and enabling the diversification
c. as a leading indicator for national economic trend
d. Allows the distribution of ownership of the company into the middle society
e. Allows the distribution of ownership, transparency, and professionalism
as well as the healthy business climate
f. creates jobs / professions
g. the opportunity to have a potential and healthy company
h. As an alternative investment that provides the potential benefits with the risks that
can be calculated through transparency, liquidity, and diversification of investments
i. Developing transparent and professionalism management and providing access to
social control

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Capital Market Function

has 2 functions

Economic Function,

market provides a facility that brings two

interested parties, those who have excess funds (investor) and
those who need funds (issuer)

Financial Function, provides the investors the possibilities

and opportunities to gain return based on their investments

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Financial Instrument
In the Law No. 8, 1995 about Capital Market, states
that Financial instrument is securities, the debt
instruments, commercial paper, stocks, bonds,
evidence of debt, mutual fund,futures contracts
on securities, and any derivatives of securities
There are several financial instrument in Indonesian
capital market, such as:
Preferred stock
Convertible bond

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Mutual Fund
Index Futures
Single Stock Option
SUN (Surat Utang Negara)
Shariah Instrument


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