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LTE OPT Exercise

For internal use only

Nokia Siemens Networks

Drive Test analysis exercise, Emil

Open Emil log for all sites, and examine the time frame.
Questions for Emil log analysis:

1. How many call drops can you find in the Emil log during the duration of the

What happens to the call ending at 11:47:57.85 in site Olari in cell 2818? What
is the reason?
Can you explain the call attempt taking place at 11:48:00 Emil time in site
Ahven in cell 3074?
Check the last event in the Emil log at 13:54:09. What is the reason for call
release? Describe what happens.
Handover parameters:
What handover triggers (a2,a3,a5) are used in the network?
What are the handover threshold parameters used for these triggers?
What is the dominating handover trigger seen in the DT?

For internal use only

Nokia Siemens Networks