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WAR OF 1812

Video Worksheet Answer Guide

1.How many years did the War of 1812 last?

3 Years

2.Why is the War of 1812 an important event in the history of the United
It was a defining moment for the US. It signified that we were here to stay.

3.What one thread tied the loose collection of states together?


4.Why were the British impressing American sailors?

They were fighting Napoleon (France) and needed soldiers; furthermore Great
did not recognize the ability of a British citizen to give up his citizenship and
were merely taking back custody of their citizens.

5.Who was the president during the War of 1812?

James Madison

6.What did the president ask Congress to do on June 1,

To declare war on the British

7.What event should have made this war avoidable, and

why did this event not make the war avoidable?
Impressments were stopped by British Parliament a
couple of days before war was declared by the US:
because it took 4-6 weeks for news to cross the Atlantic
8.Compare & contrast the American military to that of the
British military just prior to the War of 1812.
Americansmall, not well trained
BritishLarge and experienced

9.How did the United States solve the problem of not having a navy?

10.What was the nickname of the Constitution? How did it earn this
Old Ironsides; cannon balls bounced off its hull.

11.What did the United State do at York, the capitol of upper Canada,
in April?
Burnt their capital and Parliament building

12.Who was the man that allowed Washington DC to go undefended?

John ArmstrongWar Secretary

13.Why did he believe that Washington DC did not need to be

They believed that the British would attack Baltimore instead

14.What two orders did James Madison give when the British were nearing
Washington DC?
To concentrate the troops and to save the government documents

15.When the Americans retreated from Bladensburg they left running for their
What do historians call this retreat from Bladensburg?
Bladensburg races

16.What was the last thing that Dolly Madison grabbed from
the White House before she fled Washington DC?
Picture of George Washington

17.What time did the British enter Washington DC?

8 pm

18.What did the British do to the government buildings in Washington DC?

Burnt them in retaliation for what the Americans did in Canada

19.On August 25, 1814, 2pm what happened to the British army in Washington DC?
(2 events)
A storm hit (hurricane) and so did a tornado

20.Name the only government building that survived in Washington DC.

Post office

21.After attacking Washington DC, what was the next target for the British?

22.Who was in charge of the defenses at Baltimore?

Samuel Smith a militia man

23.What was the most important part of the defenses at Baltimore?

Fort McHenry

24.Why were ships deliberately sunk at the entrance of the harbor?

To halt the British navy from getting close to Baltimore

25.When did the attack on Baltimore start?

Sept. 11, 1814 at 12pm

26.How were the British going to attack the city of Baltimore? (2 ways)
Land and sea

27.What happened to British General Robert Ross at the Battle of North

Why was this significant?
Was killed by a sniper

28.What is Francis Scott Key famous for?

Writing the Star Spangled Banner

29.Who was the victor of the battle for Baltimore?

The United States

30.When did Congress officially approve the Star Spangled Banner

as the National Anthem?

31.Where did the peace talks between Great Britain and the Unites States
after the failed attempt, led by the Russians?
Ghent, Belgium

32.Why would the British want to capture the city of New Orleans?
Allow them to link the North, South and West
thereby limiting United States expansion.

33.What is the nickname of Andrew Jackson?

Old Hickory

34.Why did Andrew Jackson extremely dislike the British?

He was a prisoner of them, blamed the British for the death of his brothers
and mother while they were prisoners of the British.
35.When was the Peace Treaty signed?
December 25, 1814

36.What was wrong with the British plan of attack at the Battle of New
Too complicated and relied heavily on timing
37.How long did the Battle of New Orleans last and who was victorious?
The battle was just over 2 hours long; the United States won

38.What were the causalities for the British?

What were the causalities for the Americans?
Americans13 dead; several dozen wounded

39.What were the terms of the Peace Treaty

Great Britain & the United States?
Returned borders and maritime rights back to prewar
(but never resolved the issue of impressments)

40.When did Congress ratify the Peace treaty?

February 17


Cause 1- British interference with American shipping naval blockade
Great Britain and France were at war with each other GB did NOT want the US to

provide the French with food or supplies, so they set up a partial blockade.

Cause 2- Impressment (kidnapping) American soldiers

British kidnapped American sailors and forced them to work on British ships.
Between 1803 to 1812, the British kidnapped about 6,000 American sailors.

Cause 3- Americans believe British push Native Americans to fight settlers

Many American settlers believed that the British were stirring up to Native
resistance to frontier settlement.


Cause 4- Western members of the House of Representatives (called War


want to expand into Canada

The people who wanted war with GB were called War Hawks. Among the leaders of

the War Hawks were Henry Clay and John C. Halhoun. These War Hawks wanted
British aid to Native Americans stopped, and they wanted the British out of Canada.
They finally persuaded Madison to ask Congress for a declaration of war in June
1812. Congress agreed, and the war was declared.