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Executive Summary

In this case, family-owned car dealership is dealing with misconduct of

an employee who posted an inappropriate comment on Facebook.

Susannah Winslow is the General Manager of Downcity Motors which

was started by her father, Dell. She is responsible to make any
decisions for the company.

Kenton is the dealerships top sales person. He disagreed with his Sales
Managers decision to serve BBQ and plastic ware during a recent
Mercedes launch, because it wasnt consistent with the luxury image
that the car portrayed.

Executive Summary Contd..

He commented on his Facebook page So thrilled that Downcity went

all out for the most important Mercedes launch in years. Nothing says
luxury like plastic tablecloths and soda pop.

Susannah is debating with her father Dell [Owner], her Sales Manager
Tyson, and their head of HR Toby in order to take the decision for this
unethical action.

This was not the first time Kenton had posted an inappropriate
comment linked to the dealership. He already received one warning for
posting a previous inappropriate comment on social media.


Ignore the comment

Give Kenton a written warning and potentially suspend him

Firing him

Communicate with him

Fine or penalize him


Confidentiality: If their competitor hires him then it could risk their


Reputation: If the situation gets worse and media gets involve in it

then it effects organizations reputation.

Sales: If they fire him, he is going to share the same strategies with
another company who hires him. As a result they going to beat them in
the sales numbers.

Policies: policies can change the whole scenario of situation. Making

policies related to mistakes like this issue can force the offender to not
making those mistakes in future.


SWOT analysis

Communicate with him

Ignore the issue

Charge fine


Fire him


Communicate with him

Formulate new policies

Positive impact on reputation, sales, confidentiality

Do not fire him

Sense of loyalty for other employees

Retaining the best salesperson

Maintain privacy and good reputation



Penalize him for misconduct

Come up with new policies ASAP

Written agreement regarding company privacy

and confidentiality policy

Our final suggestion is-

Imposing fine on him

Communicate with him
Sign a contract regarding confidentiality
of the company

Implementation steps
1. Organise a meeting
2. Invite Kenton and other important members
3. Discuss the matter
4. Order him to remove the post
5. Impose fine on him for ignoring warnings
6. Ask him to sign a contract
7. Updating the policies regarding social media
8. Tighten the security for using internet in office
9. Informing all other employees too for new policies