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21 December 2016

and the night before (Simbang Gabi)

Sg 2: 8-14 or Zep. 3: 14-18
Lk. 1: 39-45

After the angels Annunciation to
Mary of her becoming the mother of
Jesus, our Savior, the first thought
that came to her mind was to set out
and travel to the hill country in
haste to a town of Judah
gumayak at nagmamadaling pumunta sa
isang bayang bulubundukin sa Judea

to be of help to her elderly cousin,

Elizabeth, pregnant with her child.


Helping someone in
need or serving the
various kinds of poor in
our society is the best way
to express our thanks, our
Eucharist, to God for his
many benevolent blessings.

The models and inspiration of communion on
this sixth day of Simbang Gabi/Dawn Masses is

Marys genuine care and

concern to someone in
need on one hand and
Elizabeths humble
welcoming acceptance of
her cousins help on the other.

One of our young priests

died last week, 13 December
2016 at the age of 42 just
after 5 years of Ordination
last 23 September 2011.

He is Fr. Joel (Jose Eliseo) B.

Buenviaje, Jr.,

Parish Priest of Nuestra

Seora de la Paz y
Buenviaje in old Balara,
Diliman, QC.

1 He left with his death the following Projects:

272 Scholars from the Parish
and his 11 Personal Scholars;
Tutorial called Project LIFE
to 32 Youth;
Weekly Food Packs from
Albergus with additional
items like rice from the
Parish for 100 persons;

1 He left with his death the following Projects:

a promised Food Packs for
Christmas to 200 Families;
and a weekly Catechism for 40
Wives and 22 Husbands
and a 78 years old sick man by
the name of Buddy Salvador
who is abandoned by his family
now under the deceased
Priests care.

I thank all the

people who
contributed and
will still give to
his projects in
lieu of flowers.

2 Since this Diocese

has the greatest

concentration of
poor people and
informal settlers/
urban dwellers in
Metro Manila,

every parish is
challenged to have
pro-poor projects;

otherwise, it is at risk of
appearing merely as
business enterprise!

2 I thank the Faithful of the

Diocese for supporting the
parishes with their BalikHandog and other ways of
helping the Church through
tithing and others like
outright donation for the
construction of Kristong Hari
Parish the upcoming
Shrine for the Youth in the

For the time is coming
soon when all semblance
of paying for the
sacraments and other
church services will not be
the ordinary way of
supporting your Church

year of Ordination to the

My way of thanking God for the

gift of Priesthood is sending
students from poor families to
finish College as a way to draw
them out of poverty.

3 That was how I finished as a priest

myself through the help of a family that

adopted me.

Up to now, I remember them at

my Mass together with my
parents and the many
benefactors that helped me
throughout my priestly life.

Help a priest
or a Religious
and you will
have someone
praying for you.


May we grow in the habit of

helping the poor like Mary because
God has been good to us more than
we deserve.

And may we be humble enough

like Elizabeth to receive help
when we need to.