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Redefining School Management





School Management And Administrative Software

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Use of


We have features for every step of the way

Problem Statement

The Problem, Affects and Results

The Problem Statement

The schools have to maintain a large
number of files
Reports and ledger books related to
management and administration duties
Inconsistencies in records
Man Power

The Admission Process.

No means of contacting parents.
Communication barrier between
students and teachers.
Time Management or

Ghost Schools
The government putting
its effort to make
education better but yet
there exists ghost


These schools are far
away and not easily

Teachers absent from school

Report from data.org.pk

Students absent from school

In most cases usually
students are absent from
school and the parents are
unaware of such activity of
their child.
There is a communication
gap between the school
and the parents. Schools
usually have no contact
with parents.

Manual Attendance

Wastage of time
Risk of human errors
Difficult to
summarize and
generate report

Too much information?

Considerable amounts of time and human effort that was
spent on Managing and Maintaining hard copy documents

Type of School


Student record card

Class attendance sheet
Textbook record sheet
Student performance summary
Teacher record
Teacher performance evaluation report
Inventory of physical facilities
Inventory of furniture/equipment
Inventory of teaching/learning resource materials
Financial summary

Management Schedule
Created at enrolment; continuously updated
Updated every school day by class teacher
Created at the beginning of each term
Created at the end of each term
Created when teacher joins school; continuously updated
Created during teacher performance evaluation
Updated at beginning of and throughout the school year
Updated at beginning of and throughout the school year
Updated at beginning of and throughout the school year
Created at the end of each term and of the school year

And Results
Headaches for school management in
the form of maintaining different data
Inconsistencies in the procedures,
criteria and in the maintenance of
Difficult to maintain or to look through
the accounts.

Use of Technology

Enhance and Empower Management Practice

Since the Web technology has improved a lot, with this

technology expansion, many schools came into forefront
to make use of the web to widen and expand the
effectiveness of the education system and educational
approach with the school management software

Benefits of a Solution

Biometric attendance for students

Biometric attendance for teachers

Makes sure teacher is
present in school
Costs less time
Generates various
reports based on a
variety of criteria

The contributions of IT to School Management

Preparation of documents became easier
Keeping the records became easier
Correspondence became easier
Many more operations can be done compared to the past times
It is easier to correct the mistakes
The information asked by the upper institutions can be
transmitted in a
short time.
The frequency of mistakes is nearly zero.
It is easy to detect the mistakes
Information related to the students can be transmitted to the
More effective
decisions by having more data as well as
they have enough time toimplement them.

How School ERP works.

Data flow Diagram:

Web-School Features
Time-saving functionalities
1. Management of large databases and datasheets collection.
2. Fee collection procedures from students no longer pose paperwork
and registration problems.
3. Posting course schedules online a task that every teaching staff
member should be able to perform thanks to a software platform.
4. Easy admission : the use of the management software would
dramatically reduce paper work in the evaluation procedure. The
online tests and exams could also allow for easier filtering of students.
5. Graphical analysis of students performance is much needed for
records. Graphs should also be available for finance and examinations.
6. Regular campus stats and updates.

Core modules that make the difference

Benefits to management
Automatic operations for all departments;
Auto-generation of timetables and online boards for updates and notifications;
Multiple campus management;
Good communication interface;
Easy collection and operation of large databases;
Cost-effective solutions

Benefits for students

Access to schedules, information about exams,
attendance and grades;
Improved interaction with teachers, peers and
administrative departments;
Discussion forums and the possibility to publish reviews
and articles;
Electronic library access;
Online submission of homework.

Core modules that make the

Benefits for Teachers
Reduced paperwork;
Computerized management of marks, grades and attendance sheets;
Online schedules;
More time available for students;
Improved communication with parents and students;
Online homework assignments etc.

Benefits for Parents

Enhanced involvement in school activities;
Reliable information on childs school performance;
Easy fee payment without paper work and waste of time;
School updates on upcoming events.

Exciting New Dashboard

Administrative running
The answer to all your

Smart, Powerful, Easy to Use.

Why Web-School ERP

Redefining School Management Software

Students Registration

Online student
Auto generated roll
number for student
Graphical and tabular
reports on the no of
students in each
class and in the
No longer need to
maintain registers

Huge number of
reports available that
can help to improve
the performance of
the school
These report will help
to find out the flaws
in the system

Attendance Reports

Attendance report for

each student
Attendance report of
each teacher
Attendance report of
each school
Attendance report by
day, month and year

Teachers and parents responsible

As teachers performance is
available to higher
authorities it makes them
responsible for their duties.
Each student progress
report is available to
parents and makes them
play their part for their child

Time Table

Time table in graphical

and tabular format
Easy to generate using
our user-friendly
Will be showing status
of each period.
Teacher biometric
attendance in each
period will make sure
teach is in the class.

Syllabus and online library

User friendly interface for
teachers to generate syllabus
Online library where students can
download e-books
Syllabus available to students,
teachers and parents
Connected to timetable to cater
the progress
Graphical and tabular Reports on
coverage of syllabus

A user friendly interface to
Generates Exam date sheets in
an easy way
Date sheets available to
teachers, students and parents
online in tabular format.
Biometric attendance of each
student in each paper.
Automatic Generation of result
cards, awarding positions and
Results available online to
students, parents and teachers
Exam reports in tabular and
graphical form for each school

Fee Collection

Automatic voucher
generation for each
No need to maintain
hard copy of student
Tabular and graphical
reports of fee collection
Tabular and graphical
reports of non-paying

Informative Dashboards
Dashboard showing daily summary reports in
graphical and tabular form to help better
management of the school.

Complaints Registration

Students can reach

higher authorities by
our complaint
Parents can use
complaint system if
they find something
Complaints system
will help government
to find out

Smarter way to manage your school

Unique and competitive
Distinguishes user friendliness,

features and conceptual designs

Employs cloud computing technology
Message communication
Automatic report generation
Unlimited data storage
Easy access to information

Cost Effective
Very Easy To Use

Remote Monitoring and Management

Awesome and Clean Dashboard
Fully Customizable
Reliability :Web-school satisfies all
modern web security standards
Availability :The system is available
100% for the user and is used 24 hrs a
day and 365 days a year.
Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) :
The system is developed in such a way
that it may fail once in a year. Mean
Time to Repair
Access Reliability : The system will
provide 100% access reliability
Capacity : The system is capable of
handling 2500 users at a time.

Smart, Powerful, Easy to Use School

Management Software!

Redefining School Management


Thank You