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Welcome to Module 5

Teach a Course

Prof. Jonathan Acua-Solano

Things to bear in mind
Course youve been assigned to
Contact your lead instructor ASAP
Ask and comply with your weekly duties
Post announcements
Week opening message
Mid-week announcement
End-of-week announcement
Participate in forum discussions at least two
or three times a week
Encourage participation in forums
Things to bear in mind
Keep track of participants assigned
to you
Contact people who are not participating
via email after the first week
Consult your lead instructor if after
second week, you should continue to
contact people who do not participate
You are not supposed to check any
submission by any participant; this is
the lead instructors task
Our working tasks
Week 1: Facilitating an Week 2: Facilitating an Week 3: Facilitating an Week 4: Facilitating an
Online Course Online Course Online Course Online Course

Wed, Feb 1-Fri, Feb 3

Review of Resources 1 Review of Resources 2 Review of Resources 3 Review of Resources 4

Fri Feb 3-Sun, Feb 5

Discussion 1 Discussion 2 Discussion 3 Discussion 4

Teaching Online Week 1 Teaching Online Week 2 Teaching Online Week 3 Teaching Online Week 4

Sun, Feb 5-Tue, Feb 7

Assignment 1 Assignment 2 Assignment 3 Assignment 4

Planning Checklist Week 1 Planning Checklist Week 2 Planning Checklist Week 3 Planning Checklist Week 4
Reflection 2 Reflection 4
Reflection 1 (Weeks 1 and Reflection 2 (Weeks 3 and
2) 4)
My student hours for

Saturday, Feb 4: EST 03:00 PM

Friday, Feb 10: EST 08:00 PM
Saturday, Feb 11: EST 03:00 PM
Friday, Feb 17: EST 08:00 PM
Saturday, Feb 18: EST 03:00 PM
Friday, Feb 25: EST 08:00 PM
Saturday, Feb 25: EST 03:00 PM
Contact me if assistance is

Skype: jonathan.acuna.cccn
Twitter: @jonacuso