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Describe the various type of nursing

functions provided in ambulatory

care facilities, in occupational health
and school nursing programs and to
the homeless
Ambulatory care facilities
Nursing responsibilities in ambulatory
health care setting include
-providing direct patient care
-conducting patient in take screening
-treating patient with acute or chronic
illness or emergency condition
-teaching patient self-care activities
-offering health educatinal program that
promote health maintenance
In occupational health
The health nurse functions in several
ways and may provide direct care to
employees who become ill or injured,
conduct health education program
for company staff member
Set up health programs aimed at
establishing specific health behavior,
such as eating properly and getting
enough exercise
School nursing programs
The roles of the school nurse are care provider,
health educator, consultant, and counselor
The school nurse collaborates with student,
parents. Administrators, and other health and
social service professionals regarding a
students health problem
Nurses perform health screenings, give basic
care for minor.
The school nurse is also a health education
consultant for teachers
The homeless
The homeless often have difficulty
affording or gaining access to health care.
The homeless person have high rates of
trauma, tubercolosis, upper respiratory
track infections, poor nutrition and anemia,
arthritis, hypothermia, skin disorders, and
foot problem
Community based nurses who work with
the homeless must be nonjudgmental.
Patient, and understanding